• Pipe-Freezing Kit Repairs Water Systems Without Draining

    July 20, 2017 | Videos

    The Cold-Shot Pipe Freezing Kit from General Pipe Cleaners lets you repair an operating water system — without draining waterlines, sprinkler systems or hot-water systems — before cutting pipe or tubing.

    Using carbon dioxide (CO2) in dip-tube cylinders, the Cold-Shot freezes liquids in steel, copper, cast iron, aluminum or plastic pipes, 1/8 to 2 inches in diameter.

    Simply place the freeze head around the pipe, attach the hose and open the CO2 cylinder valve. Liquid CO2 flows into the Cold-Shot freeze head, forming an ice pack in the pipe capable of withstanding 7,000 psi.

    Faster, more compact and less expensive than refrigerator-type units, the Cold-Shot can create an ice plug in copper tubing within five minutes and in steel pipe within three minutes. Unlike slower, less economical bag-type devices, the lightweight General Cold-Shot provides a much better seal and distributes the CO2 evenly around the pipe.

    The Cold-Shot kit includes 10 sets of freeze heads, two high-pressure spiral hoses with injectors, rubber gloves, goggles and carrying case.

    For more information, contact General Pipe Cleaners at 800/245-6200 or 412/771-6300.

    General Pipe Cleaners, a division of General Wire Spring Co., is a leading manufacturer of high-quality American-made drain cleaning equipment. In business since 1930, the third-generation family-owned company is celebrating 85 years of service to drain cleaning professionals and plumbing contractors, as well as facilities managers, the rental industry and the hardware/home center market. The Toughest Tools Down The Line.

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  • How to Replace a Cutter Wheel

    July 11, 2017 | Videos

    Watch this video to see how to replace a worn cutter wheel on General Pipe Cleaners' AutoCut copper tubing cutter. Dave Dunbar shows how easy it is to replace the cutter wheel to extend the life of your AutoCut.

    This is a great tool to have when you don’t have enough swing room to use a full-size tubing cutter. You can cut copper tubing with less than 1 inch of clearance. Or you can easily handle close stub-out work. And it’s quicker than conventional cutters. Just snap it on the tube, close the gate and turn. The cutter wheel automatically tightens as you turn the AutoCut – no knobs to twist. The cutter wheel is spring loaded to provide a constant cutting pressure, so you’ll never accidentally crimp the tubing.

    The AutoCut has long-lasting hardened steel cutting wheels that are easy to replace when the time comes. They are available in 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-inch sizes. Keep all three in your toolbox. Watch out though, they’ll spoil you.

    If you have questions or want to know more about this or other drain cleaning equipment, contact the Drain Brains at General at 800/245-6200 or visit drainbrain.com.