TALON Drain Opener from J.C. Whitlam Mfg. is a dry, flake drain opener specifically formulated for professional use in homes, hotels, restaurants, apartments/condominium complexes, nursing homes and schools. It activates with hot or cold water; controls root growth; opens drains clogged by grease, hair, and other organic matter; and opens grease traps fast without the dangers associated with acid-type drain openers. It can be used monthly as preventative maintenance to keep drains clear and flowing smoothly. It is a nonacid opener; works in less than 60 seconds; destroys hair and grease instantly; is safe for septic systems; and will not harm chrome, polished brass or plastic. It’s available in 1- and 2-pound containers. 800/321-8358; www.jcwhitlam.com.

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