With three easy settings, the 0015e3 ECM high-efficiency circulator from Taco Comfort Solutions replaces all three-speed hydronic circulators in its class. Its variable-speed, high-efficiency ECM motor uses up to 85 percent less electricity. It is ideal for hydronic systems zoned with circulators or zone valves, and provides three maximum-feet-of-head pressure settings to match system requirements — low (5 feet), medium (10 feet), or high (18 feet), with a maximum flow of 16 gpm. Its BIOBarrier protects the pump from system contaminants, especially black iron oxide that otherwise tends to collect around strong ECM magnets. SureStart automatically unblocks a locked rotor and purges air from the circulator. It is double-insulated, which eliminates the need for a ground wire. It qualifies for most state, regional and utility efficiency incentive programs. An integral flow check is included, and both two-bolt or two-way flange models are available. 401/942-8000; www.tacocomfort.com

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