Flexicore Closet Augers from General Pipe Cleaners are the ideal tool for clearing clogged toilets.

Durable Flexicore Closet Augers are made of two layers of tempered spring steel coiled tightly over a core of 49-strand wire rope for remarkable resistance to kinking. The design is so tough, the cable guaranteed against breakage for a full year, including damage to the cable, along with the Closet Auger’s other components.

The innovative Teletube Flexicore Closet Auger makes the job easy when the stoppage is just beyond the bowl. Rather than having to pull the bowl, this heavy-duty auger has an extra 3 feet of cable that stays telescoped inside the guide tube until you need it. After you've worked the first 3 feet into the bowl, just press a button and pull the crank handle for an additional 3 feet.

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The optional down head for both augers follows the contours of the bowl and springs through sharply angled passages while protecting inner walls from chipping or breaking.

And the custom Closet Auger bag puts an end to dragging dripping-wet closet augers though homes, hospitals and offices. It keeps the closet auger contained and out of sight when carried to and from jobs.

The durable design’s wide mouth end with heavy-duty zipper makes closet auger retrieval and storage quick, clean and easy. Three vent holes let the auger dry between jobs. And the thick shoulder strap keeps your hands free to carry other tools.

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For more information, contact the Drain Brains at General at 800/245-6200 or visit drainbrain.com.

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