The COMPASS R circulator from Armstrong Fluid Technology has advanced variable-speed Design Envelope technology, high-efficiency iECMTM motors and quadratic pressure curves, which all help minimize energy costs and long-term operating costs for homeowners. It has a high-efficiency dry rotor design, optimized hydraulics, a replaceable mechanical seal, bolt-for-bolt connection compatibility with a range of installed three-piece circulators, an onboard control panel for easy selection of the appropriate operations mode and flow, a release latch for easy adjustment of the display orientation and repairability, an easy-to-access front-facing terminal block, and large wiring chamber. It complies with EEI<0.22, and offers multiple control options and an auto mode that adjusts the speed to match flow requirements. It is available in .25 to 1.5 hp models, with a maximum flow rate of 225 gpm and maximum head of 65 feet. 800/356-9845;

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