The General Pipe Cleaners Gen-Ear LE water leak locator is a simplified, more economical tool with stronger sound amplification than other systems. Use it to pinpoint water leaks in residential and commercial waterlines, whether they are under concrete slabs, under carpets or in open fields.

The compact amplifier fits easily in the palm of your hand. It provides noise-free amplification with built-in preset audio filters, so you don’t have to guess what settings to use. And the high-performance headphones with noise cancellation features block out interference from surrounding ambient noise.

The ground sensor listens for the gurgling or hammering of water escaping from a cracked pipe under concrete, asphalt or tile. For soft surfaces like grass or carpet, use the probe rods. Or, for above-ground pipes or hydrants, you can use both the probe rods or the magnet attachment. For more information, contact the Drain Brains at General at 800/245-6200 or visit