For the first time at the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo in Indianapolis, five companies performed live equipment demonstrations outside the Indiana Convention Center.

Hammelmann Corp. and Terydon demonstrated a precision ultra-high pressure (UHP) abrasive cut on a piece of pipe using the Jack Track Cutting System with a 43,000 psi pump running at 5 gpm. High-pressure water from the pump is mixed with an abrasive at the cutting head. The pump design enables safe and reliable continuous-duty operation at pressures up to 58,000 psi.

Perma-Liner Industries showcased the Top Gun Continuous Inversion System, which allows the cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner tube to invert utilizing low air pressure. The liner inverts continuously without the need for above-ground water column towers, tall scaffold or the need for excess water.

NozzTeq demonstrated the BL SWIPER Nozzle, which helps prevent blown toilets. The company also did an above-ground demo of the Paikert Impact Cutter for situations where digging isn’t necessary.

GapVax demonstrated the MC Advanced Series combination sewer cleaning unit, which allows the operator to observe and troubleshoot the entire system. Display screens control hydraulics, blower and water pump operations. All body functions, boom and hose reel functions, vacuum break, throttle, area and safety lighting are wirelessly controlled, while still maintaining proportional boom and hose reel control.