Manufacturer Continues to Expand Offerings for Customers

HoldRite continues to offer more than just pipe support technology as it expands its available products

Manufacturer Continues to Expand Offerings for Customers

  This pipe support system is one of the many that HoldRite designs and manufactures.

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When master plumber George Hubbard created a bracket to replace the tedious and labor-intensive method of cutting wooden blocks to support copper water stub-outs for plumbing fixtures, it was the start of a company that would expand into more than just brackets and supports.

By designing secondary pipe support plumbing technology, Hubbard set the stage for HoldRite’s dedication to making plumbing solutions for both residential and commercial plumbing projects.

The last three decades have seen HoldRite — a member of the Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC) family — evolve from a single-product family business to an international corporation. The company is a manufacturer of products in several categories: pipe and equipment support systems, acoustical plumbing solutions, water heater accessories, drain-waste-vent testing systems, and water and firestop sleeving systems.

Plumber magazine recently conducted a question-and-answer with HoldRite’s vice president of research and development, Chip O’Neil.

Plumber: How does HoldRite fit into the RWC family?

O’Neil: RWC is a powerful family of innovative brands that deliver, control, optimize and solve to make our customers’ lives easier. HoldRite adds value by providing an array of pipe and equipment supports, acoustic noise and vibration isolation solutions, DWV testing and restraint products, water heater accessories and firestop solutions. All of these product lines operate together as an efficient system, along with our other brands, such as SharkBite, Cash Acme, StreamLabs and John Guest.

Plumber: Given the HoldRite products you mentioned, is HoldRite mainly focused on the construction side of the industry or can these systems be put in at any phase?

O’Neil: HoldRite focuses mostly on construction projects, both residential and commercial. Many of our solutions — such as firestops, pipe supports, DWV testing and restraint systems, and water heater accessories — are all applied throughout various phases of construction, from the groundwork all the way through to the finish stage.

But we also offer value-added, no-cost services to plumbing contractors, architects, engineers, retailers and distributors to help with different stages of the project. These VIP services include specification and submittal assistance, 3D product drawings, product spec sheets, custom installation detail pages, installation instructions, installation animations, building information modeling, specification authorship, installation training, firestop engineering judgements, technical support and project takeoff and estimating services.

Plumber: Pipe and equipment supports don’t get talked about often. How important are the supports that plumbers use?

O’Neil: The methods and products that plumbers select are important decisions. They help them comply with plumbing codes and standards, save time, build and maintain a reputation of quality and reliability by eliminating makeshift methods, and firmly support and protect critical piping and equipment from damage throughout the life of a building.

Plumber: One of the posts on your website/blog addresses how the company keeps plumbers in mind during product development. How do you get plumbers involved at that stage?

O’Neil: We always keep avenues for communication open for plumbers to share their ideas and feedback. We encourage them to leave reviews, send us notes through our website contact options and engage with us on social media; and we consider every response.

We also make sure we’re present and listening. Our product development and sales teams are in close contact with plumbers on job sites, in their offices and in their shops to keep their fingers on the market’s pulse regarding challenges, code changes and opportunities for innovation.

Plumber: How does HoldRite work with plumbers to ensure products are getting installed correctly?

O’Neil: When firestopping with materials such as HydroFlame fire caulk, intumescent wrap strips and intumescent pipe collars, it is important the installer understands the UL System documents that regulate the use of these materials. Our sales and technical support teams are constantly providing recommendations, assistance and training for these installation methods.

When it comes to cast-in-place firestop devices, like HydroFlame Pro Series sleeves, the install process is the same as laying out and installing traditional metal or hollow plastic sleeves. Installers don’t need to have a special firestop UL or FM accreditation to install them.

With HoldRite HydroFlame’s UL-listed cast-in-place firestop sleeve devices, all the firestop components are already factory preinstalled for plumbers, electricians and other tradespeople who need to firestop concrete floor penetrations. They only need to adjust the sleeve to the height of the concrete, nail the base of the sleeve down to their formwork and pour concrete.

To ensure pros can quickly and confidently adopt the firestop systems and reap the benefits of installing them, we offer virtual product training sessions through HoldRite University, in addition to step-by-step installation videos and instructions.

Plumber: At the AHR Expo this past January, HoldRite debuted some new firestops and other products. Are those on the market now, and what’s ahead in the rest of 2020 and into 2021 for the company?

O’Neil: We introduced several exciting new HydroFlame firestop sleeve sizes and configurations at the AHR Expo. These dozens of new products will hit the market in fall 2020. We also introduced our new line of silicone firestop sealants in June 2020.

This fall, keep an eye out for the exciting launch of in-slab pipe support products. These new #703 Series products will revolutionize the installation of both PEX tubing and electrical distribution conduits within elevated concrete slabs. They will provide ideal support, protection and identification for these service lines while also improving the quality look of the floor slab itself. 

The innovation never stops. Expect dozens of additional HoldRite product releases in a wide variety of product categories over the years.


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