Duct Cleaner’s spinner attachment protects user from backsplash

Plumbing is often a dirty job. While you’re typically prepared for a mess, getting grimy, smelly backsplash on your clothes and skin while cleaning is never pleasant. That’s why Water Cannon developed a spinner attachment for pressure washers designed to reach into small nooks and crannies without exposing the user to the mess of backsplash.

“It’s a unit that is a fit for cleaning trash chutes, vents, portable restrooms and silos, but is great for cleaning ductwork anywhere from 6 to 24 inches in diameter,” says Mark Williams, Water Cannon’s national sales and product manager.

“It is the perfect design to clean filthy restaurant exhaust ducts and hoods.”

The duct cleaners are made of corrosion-resistant materials, and have stainless steel self-lubricated bearings. The spinner attachment can be universally attached to any pressure washer, and can be used with cold water, heat or chemicals, handling chemical ratings of pH 3 to pH 12, and withstanding temperatures up to 250 degrees. The unit is an updated version of a Water Cannon duct cleaner that’s been on the market for years.

“The previous version of this product had fixed arms, but now with adjustable arms, it can be used to clean vents or ducts from the top down or the bottom up while keeping debris pushed in front of it,” says Williams. “It can even be used horizontally to clean HVAC ducts.”

The Duct Cleaner has a 3/8-inch NPTF water inlet, and requires two 1/8-inch nozzles. It can be used with water temperatures up to 250 degrees F, with a pressure washer that produces a maximum pressure of 4,500 psi. According to Williams, minimum requirements enable it to be used with most any commercial pressure
washer unit.

“You need a minimum of 3 gpm at 1,500 psi to make the spinner powerful enough for effective cleaning,” he says. “As long as you nozzle it appropriately, it will work effectively.”

At a maximum of 2,000 rpm, the unit offers complete cleaning coverage without additional hassle. “At times, it’s tough for a plumber to get the pressure washer wand deep enough to where it needs to go,” Williams says. “This solves that problem. It basically works like a surface cleaner turned on its side, saving unnecessary labor.” 800/333-9274; www.watercannon.com.


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