Plumber Product News: Dec. 4, 2017

Here are the latest product offerings for the plumbing industry
Plumber Product News: Dec. 4, 2017
RIDGID’s SeeSnake CS12x digital recording monitor delivers a large screen for easy viewing, dual battery functionality for maximum run time and Wi-Fi connectivity for footage sharing.

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RIDGID SeeSnake CS12x digital recording monitor with Wi-Fi
RIDGID’s SeeSnake CS12x digital recording monitor delivers a large screen for easy viewing, dual battery functionality for maximum run time and Wi-Fi connectivity for footage sharing. The monitor streams and records inspections to any iOS or Android mobile or tablet device with the free HQx Live companion app. It can also save images to a USB drive for post-inspection transfer. A 12.1-inch, high-contrast display provides crisp, clear images for viewing of footage in daylight. 800-769-7743;

J.C. Whitlam Boiler-AIDE cleaner and treatment
Boiler-AIDE from J.C. Whitlam protects systems from scale formation, mineral deposits and corrosion on all metal surfaces inside the boiler and pipes. The liquid treatment prevents oxygen pitting and formation of lime scale, eliminates surging and foaming, and controls pH of boiler water. It is free from petroleum distillates and is compatible with seals and gaskets. Boiler-AIDE is available in 1-quart and 1-gallon plastic jugs with spout, a 5-gallon pail with handle and a 55-gallon open-head steel drum. 800-321-8358;

SJE-Rhombus EZconnex float switch connection system
The EZconnex quick release float switch connection system from SJE-Rhombus has a four-port manifold that easily connects one to four EZconnex float switches for level control applications. Its color-coded wiring pairs and corresponding colored caps make for easy installation and maintenance. The system is rated for temporary submersion and a dual-seal design protects against water ingress and corrosive gases. It is CSA certified and offers multiple manifold and float switch cable lengths to suit a variety of applications. 888-342-5753;

CHANNELLOCK reversible jaw adjustable wrench
CHANNELLOCK’s reversible jaw adjustable wrench has angled teeth in the jaw to provide a tight grip on plumbing jobs. The chrome wrenches are available in 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-inch sizes. 800-724-3018;

Water Cannon Easy Start Unloader Plumbing Kit
Water Cannon’s Easy Start Unloader Plumbing Kit ensures water goes where it should, and keeps excess water inside the pressure washer. The preassembled unit includes a brass valve body with a stainless steel ball and seat. It adjusts from 100 up to 5,650 maximum psi and has an easy-to-adjust ergonomic handle that features a tamper-resistant setting. The kit has two inlet and bypass ports and a built-in easy-start feature so the pump can start without static backpressure. It must be mounted in a vertical position. 800-333-9274;

Brasscraft Plumbshop Copper Push Connect Fittings
Brasscraft Manufacturing has expanded its Plumbshop line of products with its Copper Push Connect Fittings. The fittings can be used with CPVC, PEX and PE-RT. Installation is easy with no tools, soldering or gluing required. They are formed from copper and have a smooth finish. 877-272-7755;

John Guest ProLock Flexi Hoses
ProLock Flexi Hoses from John Guest are available in 3/4-inch copper tube size by 3/4-inch NPSM by 18 inches, 1/2-inch CTS by 3/4-inch NPSM by 18 inches, and 3/4-inch CTS by 3/4-inch CTS by 18 inches. The hoses are ideal for water heater installations. They are corrosion resistant, and double crimped for greater reliability. Fast and easy to install, they can be used with copper, PEX, and CPVC pipe and are suitable for both commercial and residential applications. 973-808-5600;

Bradley Terreon Deep Well Lavatory
The Z8000-2011 compliant Terreon Deep Well Lavatory from Bradley Corp. is designed to minimize splashing and aerosolization from the drain trap in hand-hygiene sinks. Ideal for healthcare and sanitation applications, the lavatory utilizes a molded single-piece design featuring integral extra-height splashes to help contain water, minimizing slips, falls and messes. The sink features a design that channels water away from users standing in front of the bowl toward the extra-height side splash. This helps contain water and bacteria inside the sink and reduces splashing outside of the bowl. It can be equipped with factory-supplied drillings or deck-mounted faucets. 800-272-3539;

Bosch Thermotechnology Buderus SSB Industrial Boilers
Buderus SSB Industrial Boilers from Bosch Thermotechnology are available in 798 and 1024 Mbh standalone units, or a 1024 Mbh cascading unit designed to meet demands up to 4096 Mbh, making it ideal for applications such as schools, hotels, office buildings and warehouses. The single-platform design allows for easy installation and startup. The unit features flanged supply and return connections on both sides, and a compact footprint, allowing for flexibility in the installation location. Designed for both space heating and domestic hot water, the boiler works with multiple building communication options, including Modbus, BACnet and LonWorks. Standard features include an onboard control with a 7-inch external touchscreen display, system monitoring, outdoor reset and domestic hot water priority. 800-283-3787;

Taco Comfort Solutions eLink
The eLink from Taco Comfort Solutions is a wireless connectivity platform that provides production information direct to a mobile device or laptop. It uses Near Field Communications technology to get information on Taco products and no setup is required. The power of a portable device energizes the NFC tag, eliminating the need for wires or batteries. Each tag provides access to support and vital information specific to Taco products, including instruction sheets, replacement parts, CAD drawings, order information, product specs, technical support, catalogs and sales representative information. 401-942-8000;

GROHE GrohTherm SmartControl
The GrohTherm SmartControl from GROHE is powered by Rapido SmartBox and offers an intuitive design that combines space-saving convenience in the shower. It has an integrated sealing system, eliminating the possibility of water seeping in behind the wall. The control knobs come with a range of different symbols, representing the different shower options that can be individually configured and easily changed if required. 800-444-7643;


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