Product Spotlight - August 2019

Sleek home monitoring system CSION is a smart option for homeowners

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SJE has ventured into the smart home market via its CSI Controls trademark, offering the CSION switch-contact alarm system with Wi-Fi option.

“The CSION is a flexible and convenient alarm system for detecting and reporting alarm conditions in the home,” says John Desmond, product manager with SJE. “The alarms have an attractive, modern design that fits in well with smart home products.”

With two separate alarm inputs, the physical system provides auditory and visual alarms. A horn and different-colored LED ring lights provide clear alarm differentiation and notification.

“The CSION alarms provide two contact-closure-type inputs for a range of possible alarm sensors, usually shipping with a float switch for use as a sump alarm,” Desmond says. “While the most obvious application is as a sump alarm, any kind of alarm sensor that closes a switch contact will work with the CSIONs. This includes input from auxiliary alarm contacts from outdoor control panels such as for septic, lighting and water feature systems.”

In addition to the localized device alarm, the Wi-Fi version of the product sends text and email messages using custom alarm names, with clear information on alarm conditions through tablet or smartphone setup.

“Other products similar to the CSION Wi-Fi use the cellular network to connect to the internet, but these require the homeowner to pay a monthly subscription fee,” Desmond says. “No fees are required for the CSION alarms.”

Another feature is an internal low-temperature alarm that operates at 40 degrees F to protect against pipe freezing.

“We are from Minnesota, so we know more than we would like about that kind of problem,” Desmond says.

For scenarios where pipe freezing isn’t a concern, the low-temp alarm does have the option to be disabled, in order to avoid false alarms in colder regions.

With low-voltage power supplied by a micro-USB input, and a rechargeable battery in the Wi-Fi version, both alarms have battery backups. The Wi-Fi system will alert users to AC power failure and restoration, low battery and internet connectivity loss.

“This product line is CSI Controls’ first entry into the smart home market, with a clean, modern industrial design,” Desmond says. “We hope to follow up with more products for this market in the future.” 800-363-5842;


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