Fittings - Mainline Backflow Products Straight-Fit Backwater Valve

The Straight-Fit Backwater Valve from Mainline Backflow Products eliminates problems with snakes destroying gates when cleaning through the valve and allows easy access at any depth without the requirement of a manhole for access. Its Smart-Curve Gate technology allows sewer cleaning cables to pass in and out through the valve body without damaging the gate, while its Smart-Curve body cleat also allows drain cleaning through the vertical riser of the valve. The magnetic gate insertion couldn’t make gate insertion any easier, as the technician simply needs to lower the gate into the vicinity of the holder and the magnets pull and direct the gate into the slot, assuring the gate is properly set each time. The extendable body with extendable gate makes this valve accessible at any burial height with easy ground level access. 877-734-8691; .


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