Pocket-size Weego Jump Starter Powers Diesel Trucks, Vans and Cellphones

The Weego Jump Starter Battery+ from Paris Corporation can start your vehicle, recharge your cellphone or tablet, and fits in your pocket or glove compartment.

Available in three sizes, the standard JS6 can start up to 4.6L gasoline engines and 2.4L diesel engines. The heavy-duty JS12 can start up to 6.4L gasoline engines and 3.2L diesel engines. The JS18 professional model can start gasoline engines up to 9.6L and diesel engines up to 4.8L.

“Our smallest model is about the size of a Samsung S5,” says Sharon Hennelly, director of sales and marketing. “All are very lightweight and compact. The biggest is less than 1 pound.”

Powered by lithium-polymer batteries, the jump starter features a built-in LED flashlight for low-light conditions and strobe with SOS function for emergencies.

“Our two smallest models have a fuse and diode on the jumper cables,” she says. “On the diode side, if you connect the cables backward, it prevents power from going back into Weego. And on the fuse side, it’s going to protect against too much power coming out of Weego.”

The professional model has a safety relay for spark-free connection.

“You can tap the clamps together and no power will go through the unit until the clamps are put on the battery,” Hennelly says. “It can sense the battery, close the circuit and power will go through. It’s an extra safety feature.”

Weego delivers up to 1,000 charging cycles (full charge plus full discharge) and has an operating temperature from minus 4 to 140 degrees F.

“It can jump a battery that is frozen,” she says. “Like your cellphone, you just don’t want to leave it in extreme temperatures.”

Designed to start trucks, cars, boats, motorcycles and ATVs, the jump starter can charge USB devices with the three-in-one USB charging cord, and laptops with eight popular-brand, PC-based laptop connectors.

Accessories include a 12-volt DC adapter and OBD-II (onboard diagnostics) memory saver.

“If you take the battery out of your vehicle, you plug the memory saver into Weego and the OBD-II port to provide power to the vehicle’s electronics,” Hennelly says. “With the battery out, you don’t lose the presets for your radio stations and keyless entry. The 12-volt DC adapter will power anything with a cigarette lighter plug. We are also introducing tethers that stay connected to the vehicle’s battery terminals, providing easier access to the battery when jumping with Weego.” 609/265-9200; www.myweego.com.


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