The Name Could Be the Key to Success

Developing your company’s name is no easy task. Think of how you want it to appear and what it means to you when coming up with one.

The Name Could Be the Key to Success

Keith Hunt and his wife, Lynsey, stand with one of their Plumbs Up Plumbing & Drains vans at their facility in Orangeville, Ontario.

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A few months back I wrote about vehicle wraps in this column, and at the end I asked for you to share your vehicle wraps. I received a few submissions, and one of those still sticks out to me today.

Keith Hunt, a plumber in Orangeville, Ontario, sent me a photo of his truck. His company, Plumbs Up Plumbing & Drains, sports eye-catching vans decked out in the company colors of orange and blue with the company’s phone number and website plastered on the door.

While it was a nice visual wrap, the part that sticks out to me the most is the name of the company — Plumbs Up. It got me thinking … what is in a name?


As you know, many companies in this industry are named simply after the family: Dave’s Plumbing Service, Jones Brothers Plumbing, Duke’s, Pete’s Plumbing, etc.

There are a few, though, that go away from that and come up with a name that’ll get the company listed first online and in various directories. To do this, you either start your company with the letter A or a number. Here are few examples of that: A1 Plumbing, A-Plus Plumbing, A Rated Drain and Plumbing.

You want a customer to think of your company’s name right away. This is effective advertising. The average consumer sees or hears hundreds of company names every day, so you want to have a name that stands out to those potential customers.

There is no special secret to coming up with a name for your company. If your company is 100 years old, has stayed within the same family all that time and that’s what people in your community know, stick with it. If you’re starting your own company from scratch, like Hunt was, think of something that is catchy.


Hunt wanted his company to be a legacy he could leave to his children, but also wanted to avoid using his last name in the title.

“I wanted it to be something that was going to stand out and that was catchy and easy to remember,” Hunt says in the email. “Something short and simple, but grabs the customer.”

With the help and guidance of KickCharge Creative, a marketing and advertising firm, he came up with Plumbs Up.

When selecting your company’s name, there are a few more things to keep in mind. Avoid offensive names, which might turn customers away instead of attracting them. Be sure to also put the name on as many places as you can, from your utility trucks to your business cards. The company name should be catchy and easy for customers and employees to remember. 

Whenever a person sees the name on an advertisement, he or she will be reminded of the important work you do.


How did you come up with your company’s name and why is it important to you? Email me at or call me at 715-350-8436.

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