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You’re already coming to our site to learn about new products and techniques, and to gain insight and perspective on your trade. Now we’re giving you a platform to talk to other contractors to learn how they’re doing their jobs and get their opinions and perspectives on your plumbing questions.

We recently launched a discussion board at It’s a forum for you to discuss the issues that matter to you. It’s another way for us to engage each other, to discuss the stories in Plumber as well as your problems and successes in the field. And it will connect you to plumbers across the country.

It’s going to take a little while to build up a robust library of questions and in-depth discussion, but we want this forum to be a resource for you. Just like our content is aimed at bringing you new perspectives and insights, the forum is a place for you to connect with your peers and get their thoughts and perspectives on the issues and challenges you’re facing. It could be anything from tricks for fixing frozen pipes, to technical insight for installing boiler systems, or tips for boosting your profitability.

You’ll find the recent Plumber Forum posts right on the Plumber home page. Create a user name and join the discussion, or find the answer to your own question.

Check it out and use it as a resource.


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