New 5R-10 Cable Makes Drain Cleaning Easier

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New 5R-10 Cable Makes Drain Cleaning Easier

General Pipe Cleaners' new 5R-10 cable makes sectional drain cleaning machines feel new again. That’s how experienced drain cleaning specialist Ben Kohn of From Sinks to Sewers feels. 

“Sectional drain machines are extremely versatile but the universal problem has always been when using them inside,” says Ben. Keeping a spinning, wet, 15-foot exposed section of cable from spraying the walls or white floor is no easy task. “It doesn't matter what equipment or tricks you know. One black smear on white carpet and your day is shot.”

General’s new 5-feet by 7/8-inch sectional cable with R-connectors that match RIDGID, Rothenberger, and other manufacturer’s connectors makes it easier to use sectional machines in confined spaces or on rooftops. 

“I’m now using the General 5R-10 cable and I have zero issues when using my 7/8-inch sectional machine inside,” he says. “Handling the cable is an easy task and the cables fit perfectly on a 6-foot drop cloth without hanging over. On the roof or outside clean-outs, the 5R-10 cable takes the versatility to the next level. The 5R-10 cable feels like I bought a new drain machine without taking up the van space.”  

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