Product Focus: Service Vans/Fleet Vehicles – GPS Tracking and Route Management

Product Focus: Service Vans/Fleet Vehicles – GPS Tracking and Route Management
DPL Telematics offers a combination of compact GPS tracking and integrated OBDII.

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GPS Tracking 

DPL Telematics
DPL Telematics offers a combination of compact GPS tracking and integrated OBDII to increase driver safety and productivity while reducing idling and fleet costs. The small GPS unit has no external wiring or antenna and plugs into the existing OBDII port of most vehicles, installing in seconds. OBDII data empowers fleet owners to remotely track and receive safety alerts such as air bag deployments, driving without the seatbelt, harsh braking, rapid acceleration, speeding and towing. Automatic vehicle status and location updates are a standard feature that create a daily driver log of activity and can be mapped as a "bread crumb trail." ODBII also monitors the vehicle's supported temperatures, pressures and diagnostic fault codes, which are wirelessly transmitted and archived on the software for remote asset diagnosis. The unit monitors the 11 vehicle emission system components, eliminating smog retesting since any failing system will be proactively identified and can be corrected prior to the emissions test. 800/897-8093;

NexTraq Fleet Tracking System
The NexTraq Fleet Tracking System is a cloud-based, comprehensive fleet tracking solution with a number of elements that increase productivity, reduce costs, and simplify fleet and business operations. Fleet Dispatch allows the operator to easily schedule jobs, dispatch them to vehicles, and send messages to and from workers in the field. Included is the NexTraq Job Schedule Board, which shows all pending jobs and appointments as well as employees’ availability and status of their current jobs. Immediately contact teams in the field to clock work hours, assign jobs, and find the easiest route to customers via NexTraq Connect, a downloadable app that makes both office and field employees more efficient in daily business activities. 800/358-6178;

Skypatrol Fleet Command 
The Fleet Command system from Skypatrol is designed to help monitor and manage entire fleets, increasing productivity, minimizing costs and mitigating potential risks. It includes route tracking, a closest-vehicle-dispatch tool and geofences. It can supply tracking solutions on a wide variety of platforms like GSM and CDMA, and is available in the Americas, Europe and Asia. 800/369-5007;


Route Management Software

Chevin Fleet Solutions FleetWave Mobile
FleetWave Mobile from Chevin Fleet Solutions bridges the gap between field workers and the office. It provides a simple-to-use solution for field workers to collect and transfer data to a centralized system or the office quickly and securely with or without an Internet connection. Using almost any hand-held device, it can be tailored to capture, collect and transmit almost any type of data from structured information to signatures and pictures, and will automate and streamline almost any field function, from compliance-related tasks such vehicle inspections and mileage capture, to process automation including work order creation and service receipts. 781/793-0788;

Retriever Communications mobile platform
The Retriever Communications mobile platform for field service management provides fleet organizations with a scalable mobile solution that combines telematics and fleet management with dynamic data capture and real-time scheduling. The platform offers a complete and connected mobile force ecosystem, allowing field service enterprises to optimize their field force by implementing an end-to-end solution for sending and receiving data, managing and tracking field workers and commercial fleet vehicles. It facilitates the complete integration of a fleet management solution into overall field service programs by catering to a variety of operational needs, such as the ability to work offline, complete visibility and transparency into field activity, protection against unauthorized vehicle use, and safety on the road and on the job. 281/566-2528;


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