Treating Customers Like Family

It’s easy to boast about how good your customer service is, but Ohio’s Hesson Plumbing tries to back up such lofty claims with real action

Treating Customers Like Family

David Hesson

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Plumbers aren’t called on a whim — “Hey, just for fun, let’s call a plumber and have him come out and check out the sink drain.”

Kristina Hesson understands this. She and husband David started Hesson Plumbing five years ago and are prepared to answer calls from homeowners with a problem.

“Most times, when our customers call us, they’re having a horrible day. They’re completely riddled with stress, and sometimes even crying,” Hesson says of her experience with customers in the company’s service area of Pickerington, Ohio.

These are not social calls, in other words. They literally are calls for help. The helplessness sometimes is a reflection of poor plumbing service previously experienced by the caller.

“Some of our customers already have been taken advantage of by large plumbing companies that attempted to charge them four times what they should have. Those customers are completely bewildered, to say the least,” says Hesson, who does the company’s marketing, handles customer calls, schedules appointments, worked with a software person to develop the company website, and personally designed Hesson Plumbing uniform shirts and business cards.

By comparison, she and her husband try to treat customers as family. Of course, that’s a generic boast many businesses make and sometimes doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. But with Hesson Plumbing, the analogy seems to be warranted.

“My husband will go meet with customers, calm them down, and assure them that he will take good care of them. Then he gives them our price for the necessary work and they instantly feel better,” she says. “We also get calls from concerned children of elderly parents that might live out of town and can’t get to them immediately. They are in a panic and need our services. My husband always happily makes them a priority, goes to help them immediately and respectfully refuses payment. He is so proud to be a plumber and is 100% one of a kind.”

Read more about Hesson Plumbing in the September 2021 issue of Plumber magazine.


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