Cold-Weather Equipped

Freedom water blaster truck draws attention with Expo debut.
Cold-Weather Equipped
The WBT-3015B water blaster truck from Freedom Enterprises delivers 12 gpm at 15,000 psi or 23 gpm at 8,000 psi. It can also be converted in the field to operate at up to 40,000 psi.

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Without a closer look, visitors at this year’s Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International might have mistaken Freedom’s WBT-3015B enclosed water blaster for a new type of water jetter, but that’s hardly the case, says Titus Larson, superintendent designer/builder for Freedom Enterprises.

“This truck can go from 0 to 40,000 psi with a quick change of some plungers in a couple of minutes,” he says.

Featuring an insulated (R-19 walls and roof) and heated 14-foot box with workbench and tool boxes mounted on a 2011 Peterbilt 337 Class B chassis, the water blaster is designed for extreme use in the coldest temperatures.

“We’ve got it running at about 12,000 feet and sometimes higher in extremely, extremely cold weather – down to 60 and 80 degrees below zero,” Larson says.

Featuring a convertible 150 hp triplex water pump, the waterblasting unit delivers 12 gpm at 15,000 psi or 23 gpm at 8,000 psi. Convertible up to 20,000, 30,000 and 40,000 psi, conversions can be made in the field. That translates into long-range pipe cleaning, he says. “This unit is capable of producing enough pressure and flow – we’ve gone as far as 1,800 to 2,000 feet in a single run.”

The water blaster truck has a 925-gallon water tank with internal baffles, two 18-inch lid access doors, curbside 2-inch fill, copper coils inside the tank for heating water and a water level gauge. Other features include a hydrostatic pump drive system, high-pressure blow-off and burst disks for safety.

“I talked to people throughout the course of the day [at the Expo],” Larson says. “Most of them liked the fact that it was hydrostatic; everything was in one unit and there was space for all of your tools and equipment.”

The cold weather package includes an air purge and antifreeze injection system, 45,000 Btu diesel-fired heater with programmable timer/controller and adjustable water temperature shutoff.

“That will do any type of heating while you’re away or driving to the job,” he says. “While you’re on the job you can use the truck engine to heat the water. It uses the extra engine heat and puts it through the tank. There’s about 75 feet of coiling inside the tank. It takes about a couple of hours to heat 925 gallons.”

The water feed and filtration system includes a hydraulic-powered, low-pressure pump (50 gpm at 25 psi), 220 gpm filter housing with quick-change filter bags, instant-off automatic protection, 1.5-inch inlet for hydrant water feed and 1.5-inch outlet for supplying water to multiple water blasters or trucks.

Primarily used in industrial applications – power plants and surface preparation, as well as cleaning oilrigs – the truck can be used on 2-inch residential up to 24-inch municipal sewer lines.

Storage includes 7,500-pound capacity wire rack shelving, flammable materials cabinet, above tank storage, workbench, vise and roller bearing mechanics tool box under the workbench.

“We’ve got a 5,000-watt inverter, air, water to wash hands; we’ve got any kind of tooling you might need,” Larson says. “We try to stay warm in there, too. We’ve got the cab well heated.”

The hydraulic-powered slide-out reel offers 1,800 feet of 1/2-inch hose capacity with variable drum speed and multi-position swivel for 320-degree rotation.

The truck is powered by a 300 hp (2,000 rpm) PACCAR PX8 engine with 12,350-pound front axle, 20,000-pound rear axle, air-ride suspension and 3,000-pound fold-up hydraulic lift gate.

“All of our controls are variable. You don’t have to adjust it. We try to put ease of use into this piece of equipment while still being green,” Larson says. “It’s a one-of-a-kind. You won’t see another one like it.” 970/653-8588;


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