Draincables Direct EagleEye Cameras and Inspection Line

Draincables Direct has expanded its product offering with EagleEye camera reels and monitors, as well as Rycom locators. 

The EagleEye product line features American-manufactured camera reels and monitors. EagleEye camera reels offer options for inspecting lines from 1 1/2  to 12 inches. The reels are equipped with a color camera head for detailed views of obstructions. The camera reels are compatible with any EagleEye, CustomEyes, or RIDGID SeeSnake monitors, and come with optional self-leveling and Wi-Fi.

The EagleEye monitor selection features Wi-Fi enabled monitors that allow you to view and record your camera inspections. The EaglePack monitor features built-in recording and a still-shot feature in a water-resistant case with a 5-inch LED screen with light adjustment up and down. The EagleTrek monitor features one-touch USB recording and a 19-inch LED screen in a water-resistant case. All EagleEye monitors are compatible with EagleEye cameras, CustomEyes cameras or RIDGID SeeSnake inspection reels.

Draincables Direct recently introduced Rycom Instruments’ locators and detectors as its new product line. The Rycom SnapTRACK is designed for the professional and features adaptable frequencies and operational modes. PathLink technology creates a link between the transmitter and receiver. The transmitter’s output can be controlled from the hand-held receiver.  

The Rycom line also features the Magnastick MSL that seeks to find ferromagnetic objects by sensing their magnetic fields. The sensor is highly sensitive to magnetic lines that are present in iron materials, but it’s not affected by nonferrous materials like brass, aluminum or copper. The tool is controlled with large, easy-to-use buttons on the water-resistant handle, and the sensor tube is waterproof to aid in locating ferrous objects underwater. 

Draincables Direct, distinctly American and powered by passion, is a leading manufacturer of American-made sewer cables for the professional plumber and drain cleaner. With more than 30 years’ experience, Draincables Direct uses the finest-quality music wire to manufacture replacement cables for nearly every brand of cable machine. Designed as a one-stop shop, Draincables Direct distributes most of today’s top plumbing repair tools and drain cleaning brands. 

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