Drainfield Restoration - Aero-Stream Remediator

The Remediator from Aero-Stream restores failed systems and provides simultaneous nitrification/denitrification. The Aero-Tube diffuser is designed to lower TSS and BOD and can be installed through a 3-inch opening. Facilitating attached-growth bacteria, the Bio-Brush enhances the treatment process by more than 30 percent. The UL-listed system induces oxygen directly into septic tanks, turning passive anaerobic environments into active aerobic environments. After conversion, the microorganisms reduce the organic matter in the tank by 80 percent and the suspended solids by 60 percent. The cleaner effluent reverses the aging process and eliminates the clogging biomat. Within weeks, systems are restored to full functionality. 877/254-7093; www.aero-stream.com.


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