Quality Microinspection

Quality Microinspection

Inspecting kitchen sink drains and toilet P-traps requires extremely small equipment. Until recently, inspection cameras small enough to fit into those tight areas didn’t exist. However, as technological advancement continues, not only are cameras getting more powerful, they are getting more compact. The 5/8-inch Ultra Micro camera from Ratech Electronics provides high-resolution inspections with a camera that is smaller than the head of a dime.

“It’s the smallest camera we’ve ever manufactured,” says Frank D’Andrea, Ratech Electronics president. “Every year customers are asking for smaller cameras. This delivers on that.”

Developed as a low-cost system, the Ultra Micro maintains the quality of Ratech Electronics’ high-end units in a small, compact, and affordable package. The optimized color camera measures just 5/8-inch diameter by 1 inch in length. Due to its small size, the camera is capable of inspecting pipe diameters as small as 1 inch or 1 1/4-inch straight runs and will negotiate multiple bends in 2-inch pipes and services. Lighting is provided by four super-bright, high-intensity LED lights producing a detailed picture.

“It’s a great fit for plumbers and drain cleaners who need to get a camera into tight fixtures,” D’Andrea says. “It’s a fit for inspecting swimming pool lines too.”

The camera is compatible with any of the company’s control units, including the Elite USB with Wi-Fi that lets users record pipe inspections directly to a USB flash drive and wirelessly via an app to an iOS or Android device while taking live video and digital still photos, which can be immediately uploaded to YouTube. It’s available with a sun-readable, 10-inch LCD monitor. Systems come in cable lengths of 100 feet. D’Andrea says the small size of the camera surprises plumbers and drain cleaners seeing it for the first time.

“They are impressed that something so small is so effective,” he says. “It brings the wow factor.”

The camera head includes an anti-scratch sapphire viewing lens and comes housed in a durable stainless steel housing with a centering skid. The push cable is a 0.33-inch diameter combination pushrod/video cable with a low-friction polypropylene overall jacket. The total weight of the system comes in at a light 25 pounds, even with a full 100 feet of cable. The frame has a durable powder-coat paint finish, and options include a 512 Hz transmitter, 512 Hz receiver with depth readout, and monitor carrying case. 800-461-9200; www.ratech-electronics.com.


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