Excavating - Petrofield Industries Tornado F2 Slope

The Tornado F2 Slope model from Petrofield Industries holds 7 cubic yards of mud and more than 1,000 gallons of freshwater. They have a water tank from which you excavate, a mud tank to which the excavated spoils are held, a water pump, a boiler to heat the water, and a positive displacement vacuum blower (2,600 to 6,400 cfm) to pull the spoils to the tank via a boom. The boom has a 342-degree rotation and a 22-foot reach. All critical components are housed in an insulated and heated aluminum van body. Its sloped floor design means operators do not hoist the tank to empty it, eliminating the dangers of dumping on uneven ground and overhead power lines. 877/340-8141; www.tornadotrucks.com.


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