Contractor Finds Fast, Efficient Way to Tackle Repipe of Aging Apartment Complex

Contractor Finds Fast, Efficient Way to Tackle Repipe of Aging Apartment Complex

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When KSK Mechanical crews overhauled a large steam-line system in a multi-building apartment complex in Brooklyn using Viega fittings, the engineers and managers were so impressed that they asked for the same fittings on several upcoming projects as well.

Stefanos Shteto, president of KSK Mechanical, says the building was more than 100 years old and needed a complete revamp.

“We upgraded the entire plumbing and steam systems,” Shteto says. “It was a very old building and they had leaks left and right. We redid the whole thing and never looked back.”

The complex consists of four buildings, each with 50 apartment units. Although KSK had been using Viega’s ProPress for years, it hadn’t yet tried MegaPress fittings; so it started the apartment project using a different product for the new steam fittings.

“But the cost of the material and the time it took for installation to be completed, it just didn’t make sense economically,” Shteto says. “Viega came out and showed us how to use the fittings, and we were lucky enough to borrow the [MegaPress XL PressBooster] for the job, too.”

ProPress fittings in sizes 1/2 inch to 3 inches were used in the buildings, as well as MegaPress in sizes 1/2 inch to 4 inches. ProPress on the copper lines provides water, while the MegaPress on carbon steel lines provides all the steam for the system.

Timing was crucial. The project began in late 2018, and because heating season had already started, Shteto says the waterlines were replaced first.

“We prepared everything and got it all ready. Then we ran the lines when the time came, one by one, and did individual shutdowns. Each line was only down for about an hour, so it was very fast,” he says. “The owners loved it. They understood and were very happy that Viega could help us get the job done quickly and efficiently.”

Once heating season was over, in the spring of 2019, the crew from KSK was able to tackle the steam lines. 

“This was good for my company and for Viega,” Shteto says. “The owners are sending me plans for new jobs. They want to do the same thing within other complexes.”

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