Plumber Enjoys the Art of Working With Copper Pipe

Oklahoma plumber Dennis Dallos encounters a wide variety of pipe material in his service area but prefers working with copper above all

Plumber Enjoys the Art of Working With Copper Pipe

Dennis Dallos

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The condition of homes in the community of Cushing, Oklahoma, is a boon for people like Dennis Dallos, owner of Plumb Twisted, a plumbing and drain cleaning company in the area.

“You never know what you are going to find,” he says. “Copper, clay, cast iron — it depends on the neighborhood and the year a house was built. A lot of the homes were built in the 1920s and 1930s, though. There’s a lot of depreciation.”

In other words, the pipes are old and in need of a plumber’s help.

Dallos prefers to find copper pipe when he goes looking for a leak. He likes working with the material.

“It is my forte,” he says. “I would love to go back to working regularly on copper. There is an art to it.”

Watching solder disappear into a joint to join two copper pieces is not a lost art. Yet in recent years it is becoming a little more rare with the increasing usage of PVC pipe for quick fixes. But over the last year, the price of resin used to create PVC has risen dramatically — as much as 40% in some places, a result of pandemic disruptions of production and supply chains as well as increased demand.

“PVC fittings are through the roof,” Dallos says. “Copper fittings are really cheap right now.”

Read more about Plumb Twisted in the April 2022 issue of Plumber magazine.


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