Residential Plumbing

Residential Plumbing
Company installs condensing boiler hybrid system in new home

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Cast-iron pipes updated with new lining

Problem: The Masonic Lodge in Mitchell, South Dakota, was constructed in the 1920s, and the drain-waste-vent piping was cast iron. As the pipe was over 90 years old, its service life was nearing its end.

Solution: The Quik Coating System process from Pipe Lining Supply uses a coating of a modified polyurea product that is applied to the pipe in place and addresses the tie-ins without reinstating them, giving the contractor, Coreline of Mitchell, the ability to line pipes that could be lined and coat piping that wasn’t a great candidate for lining. The process also allowed diameter changes to be coated from an entry point as well as direction changes without special tooling.

Result: The process was up to the challenge to rehabilitate the drain waste and vent that had multiple tie-in lines to the main plumbing stack. With a thorough descaling, the lines were coated using the process in short order. As an example, a 26-foot section of 4-inch pipe was coated with 1/8-inch thick material in a little over an hour total. 888-354-6464;

Plumber replaces polybutylene system with push-to-connect system

Problem: An Atlanta homeowner’s existing plumbing system had polybutylene pipes, resulting in leaks and the potential for costly water damage. The homeowner wanted to proactively replace his entire supply plumbing system from meter to fixture, including a repipe of both the hot and cold supply lines.

Solution: The plumber, Clint McCannon of Cannon Plumbing, chose Shark Bite’s EvoPEX system for the repiping job. EvoPEX is a PEX pipe push-to-connect system that eliminates the need to use special tools or crimping, enabling him to quickly and efficiently complete the repipe installation while minimizing disruptions. Since no bulky tools were needed, combined with the flexibility of the PEX pipe, it was easier to make connections in tight spaces, saving additional time and requiring less wall damage, which meant less cost to repair damaged walls. The green indicator on the EvoPEX fittings ensured that they were properly connected, providing peace of mind for the homeowner and significantly reducing the chance of future leaks and potential callbacks.

Result: Because the repipe was completed much faster than would have been possible using traditional plumbing methods, the homeowner was able to get back to his normal routine quickly. Likewise, McCannon could get to his next job sooner while feeling confident that he had performed a high-quality, leak-free installation. 877-700-4242;

Company installs condensing boiler hybrid system in new home

Problem: A longtime customer in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, brought plans to J & G Heating & Air Conditioning for their new home. They wanted comfort and efficiency, and tasked J & G Heating & Air Conditioning with designing and installing the system. 

Solution: High-SEER air conditioners were used along with a boiler that would provide hot water to hydronic coils in the ductwork and radiant in-floor tubing. “We chose U.S. Boiler’s new Aspen firetube boiler,” says J & G Heating & Air Conditioning co-owner Jason Sweigart. “The Aspen offers phenomenal efficiency, a 10-1 turndown ratio, and the ability to pipe from the top or bottom of the unit. We use a lot of U.S. Boiler products because they’re made here in Lancaster, and we’ve had great results.” Equipped with Sage2.3 controls, the Aspen is easy to set up. It offers up to 96 percent AFUE and is available from 85 to 399 mBh. The home’s two hydro-air zones require water between 160 and 180 degrees F. The radiant loops need 110 degrees F in tiled areas and 120 degrees F where carpet is present. With wide operating temperatures, having a boiler with a 10-1 turndown is an advantage.

Result: J & G Heating & Air Conditioning completed their portion of the project before deadline. The homeowners have been very impressed by the comfort level and the small gas bills. 717-397-4701;


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