A Pioneering Take on Flow-Based Leak Detection

Founded in 2000 to pioneer the use of flow-based leak detection with automatic shut-off, today FloLogic is available as a fifth-generation system with 1-, 1 1/2- and 2-inch valves featuring app-based alerts and system controls.

Plumbing supply leaks are the leading cause of $13 billion in annual claims payouts by U.S. home insurance companies for water damage. FloLogic meets the requirements of home insurers, who are increasingly recommending or mandating leak-detection systems for their clients.

The FloLogic System offers plumbers a premium solution to sell and install. FloLogic is a U.S.-made cast bronze valve, which exclusively detects leaks in real time starting at 0.5 ounces per minute (about one drip per second) regardless of pipe size. The FloLogic valve assembly is waterproof for outdoor installations and can be installed in various orientations. The system can be integrated into alarm panels for additional monitoring and automatic mode changes.

Optional relay and flow-switch interfaces also allow FloLogic to communicate with irrigation systems, water treatment and pool autofill lines to avoid false alarms. This makes FloLogic the hub of an integrated smart plumbing ecosystem.

FloLogic is committed to supporting the plumbing trade and offering higher margins with each sale and installation. Plumbing pros can purchase FloLogic from their local supplier or buy direct by calling.

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