Product Focus - December 2020

Product Focus - December 2020

Ashland Pump SW Series

The SW40, SW50 and SW75 Series from Ashland Pump are equipped with cast iron vortex impellers. The nonclogging vortex design on the fractional horsepower pumps allows better passing of materials that may get flushed (wipes, rags, etc.), while maintaining the same performance. The vortex impellers are well suited for today’s waste stream, as they are low profile and resistant to clogging. The pumps have been updated to 3,450 rpm to achieve the same performance as the previous two-vane design model. 855-281-6830;

Bradford White Water Heaters AeroTherm Series

With 50-, 65- and 80-gallon capacity units available, the Bradford White Water Heaters Energy Star-certified AeroTherm Series offers value, efficiency and versatility. They are easy to install and maintain and have an integrated smart control panel plus four operating modes (heat pump, hybrid, electric and vacation). The units are fully compliant with California’s Title 24 energy efficiency standards and are eligible for many local and state utility rebates throughout North America. They include Vitraglas lining, an engineered enamel formula that provides superior tank protection from the corrosive effects of hot water. 800-523-2931;

Cam Spray MCB3040

The MCB3040 skid-mount, hot-water pressure washer from Cam Spray is designed to move easily from truck to van to trailer. It offers 4 gpm at 3,000 psi from a Honda GX390 industrial gas engine and triplex plunger pump with ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves. It is equipped with low-pressure chemical injection and is protected by an unloader valve and secondary pressure pop off. The burner system includes a rust-free fuel tank, Schedule 80 coil with stainless steel wrap, is controlled by an adjustable thermostat and temperature limit switch for a maximum temperature of 195 degrees F. The frame is industrial coated 2-inch tubing and comes equipped with a wand/hose rack. A heavy-duty trigger gun with a dual wand with side handle valve allows for the user to switch from high pressure cleaning to detergent application and is equipped with quick change 0-, 15-, 25- and 40-degree nozzles. 800-648-5011;

CPI Products URS1

The URS1 roller skid from CPI Products moves the camera off the bottom of the pipe and centers it in 6- to 14-inch pipes. Instead of impacting the walls and pushing into debris, the camera stays centered for an improved image and unobstructed lens. The wheels reduce friction and enable the camera to go further down the pipe with less effort. The legs automatically extend to help it stay centered when pipe diameters change. The legs also retract when the retrieval rope is pulled, which reduces the size of the unit, making it easier to retrieve and reducing stress on the camera cable. LED scuba lights are also available to increase visibility. This can also enable push cameras to inspect larger pipes. 413-443-0925;


The CUES MPlus+ XL push system is designed for easy operation and flexibility with an all-in-one setup and quick removal of the control unit, which can be used separately. It includes a coiler configuration and pan-and-tilt camera for mainline and larger pipeline applications up to 500 feet. It integrates video observation coding, observation coding interface and digital recording. The lightweight system includes large, durable wheels for portability and a balanced footprint for stability. It is manufactured to handle rigorous field use. 800-327-7791;

Duracable Mfg. ProClean

ProClean drain care products from Duracable Mfg. use multiple strains of bacteria as their primary active ingredients. They contain natural, nontoxic, harmless bacteria that actually absorbs the grease and organic buildup that forms in pipes over time and converts them into carbon dioxide and water. The biofilm that coats the inside of pipes continues to absorb buildup. They contain no harmful chemicals and are safe for the environment. They also have a refreshing scent that deodorizes as it cleans and removes the water causing unpleasant odors. 800-247-4081;

Easy Kleen Pressure Systems Groundhog Jetter

The Groundhog Jetter from Easy Kleen Pressure Systems is designed to blast through clogged pipes with a 35 hp Vanguard engine providing 12 gpm at 3,500 psi. It is compact and can be transported in a pickup truck or van, with trailer options available. It includes a fully welded, powder-coated, 2-inch steel tube frame, drilled and tapped, which houses the 200-gallon water tank. It comes with an accessible breather and 10-gallon fuel tank, General Pump with gearbox drive, 12-volt-powered hose reel with 300 feet of 3/8-inch jetter hose, hose guides, a super swivel and foot-pedal control, emergency shut-off valve and hour meter. Optional remote features include hose reel-in, motor off/speed control and pressure on/off. 800-315-5533;

Electric Eel Eel-Jet  EJ1500 Water Jetter

The Eel-Jet EJ1500 Water Jetter from Electric Eel can be used to remove clogs and eliminate harsh chemicals from entering the water system. It can blast through debris, grease, sand, soap and sludge in 1 1/2– to 4-inch drainlines. It offers 1,500 psi at 1.7 gpm, a 1.5 hp 15-amp motor, duplex pump with pulsation, a reel with the capacity for 150 feet of 1/4-inch hose, a pump/motor assembly that removes in seconds for added portability, a thermal relief valve and inlet shut-off valve, a removable handle/reel on the cart assembly and sturdy 10-inch pneumatic tires. An optional spray wand is available. 800-833-1212;


The PIONEER System from ENPRESS was developed as an environmentally conscious green product, wasting no water during backwash or regeneration of chemicals. It also successfully removes lead, cyst and poisonous chemicals PFOA/PFOS, and is installed where the waterline enters the customer’s home, business or restaurant. It is easy to install and can deliver peace-of-mind to customers. 440-510-0108;

Envirosight Verisight Pro+

Envirosight’s Verisight Pro+ push camera can be used to complete critical drainpipe and lateral inspections quickly and accurately. Its stainless self-leveling camera captures up to 90 hours of color footage from pipes 2 inches in diameter and larger, regardless of material. With supplied centering devices, it snakes through multiple bends for maximum range. An integral triband sonde (33 kHz, 512 Hz, 640 Hz) works with most any locator. The welded-steel coiler comes with 130, 200 or 330 feet of pushrod. The entire system runs for six hours off internal rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, or off main or vehicle power. Its controller displays real-time footage on an 8-inch LCD, and can operate all camera functions, generate custom text overlays with a full QWERTY keyboard, and easily off-load inspection footage by SD card or USB drive. 866-838-3763;

Enz USA Rotodrill Bend

At 2 3/4 inches long, the Rotodrill Bend nozzle from Enz USA is a powerful cleaning tool that can easily negotiate traps and bends. The high-powered rotating jet provides thrust power and is effective for moving debris and tree roots and clearing blocked pipes. The nozzle pushes itself through pipes via a tapered front. It cleans and cuts its way down the pipe as it’s retrieved, adding efficiency. It can operate on flow as low as 4 gpm while cleaning pipe ranging from 3 to 6 inches in diameter. It is available in 1/4- and 3/8-inch connections. 877-362-8721;

FastEST FastPIPE Plumbing Estimating Software

FastPIPE Plumbing Estimating Software from FastEST is a first step in green construction, helping plumbers and mechanical contractors bid any job from start to finish without ever printing a single piece of paper. One of the most beneficial paperless tools is the ability to directly import digital plans right into the program, for fast and easy on-screen takeoffs. Even addendums can be easily overlaid digitally for quick changes and recalculations without ever printing a plan. After takeoff, quotes can be quickly generated and saved to a PDF. The extensive product catalog also includes many environmentally friendly products with up-to-date pricing to efficiently takeoff and bid a job. With a few clicks, different product comparisons can be generated, so owners can make educated decisions on the use of green plumbing products. 800-828-7108;

Fisher Mfg. Ultra Spray Valve 2949

The Ultra Spray Valve 2949 from Fisher Mfg. has a knife-edge spray nozzle that is a low energy user 1.15 gpm at 60 psi, and is also available in an ultrasaving 0.65 gpm model. The valve cleans fast and is test proven. It is engineered to last, with no O-rings to leak with an improved heavy-duty lift pin and solid brass/chrome-plated handle that enables it to perform up to 1 million cycles. It has a built-in spray handle clip that won’t fall off, and a PTFE disc for smoother action. It is interchangeable, fitting all major brand hoses. 800-421-6162;

Flow-Liner Systems Neofit+

Neofit+ from Flow-Liner Systems is an environmentally friendly pipe lining system that helps maintain the life expectancy of the existing service pipe. Designed for 1/2- to 2-inch diameters and up to 300-foot sections, it is made from a strong and durable virgin polyethylene terephthalate. The NSF 61-approved liner has two main uses: to keep drinking water pure and out of contact with the host pipe, such as lead or copper, and to rehabilitate pipes by sealing pinholes, cracks and small defects. It is a trenchless technology, thus its installation procedure avoids the risk of damage to other services since there is no disturbance of the ground around the pipe, also eliminating both the possibility of ground contamination and harm to existing plant and animal life. This no-dig, noninvasive system also preserves the property owner’s aboveground structures, and can be installed in just a couple of hours. 800-348-0020;

Fluidmaster PRO45H Pro Series fill valve

The PRO45H Pro Series fill valve from Fluidmaster controls both tank and bowl water levels with a dial for maximum water control, offering the ability to fine-tune water levels to perfection. It is suitable for high-water-pressure homes and properties. It can withstand up to 120 psi and adjusts from 9 to 14 inches for increased customization. It is also extremely quiet and reduces water hammer, so much so that customers will not even know their toilet bowl is filling up. It services all toilet types, is easy to install and is self-cleaning. 949-728-2207;

General Pipe Cleaners’  Kinetic Water Ram

General Pipe Cleaners’ Kinetic Water Ram quickly and cleanly clears clogged drains with green power. Just pump it up, insert in the drain, and snap the trigger. The environmentally safe tool uses compressed air to generate a shock wave that pulverizes the stoppage instantly. The shock wave bypasses vents and goes around bends to reach the stoppage with only 2% loss of power. The built-in pump and pressure gauge let the operator select the right amount of force for each job. An optional toilet attachment screws onto the front to turn it into a plunger, enabling the operator to position the cone in the bowl to get a tighter seal. This allows the blockage to be struck with greater impact and no splash back. The tool has a sleek, plated body and comes in a sturdy carrying case with molded compartments for the Ram and accessories needed to handle 1 1/4- to 4-inch lines. 800-245-6200;

Helix Laboratories BioFresh

BioFresh from Helix Laboratories is an eco-friendly and effective way to eliminate odors coming from drains. Based on microbes, it attacks the source of the odor by consuming the gunk in drains. This gunk, typically made up of soap scum, food, fats, oil and grease, is a breeding ground for drain flies. The beneficial bacteria and enzymes consume the gunk, eliminating flies and odors. This green product is septic safe, will not harm pipes, and is recommended for use in garbage disposals, washing machines and dishwashers. 877-444-3549;

Infiltrator Water Technologies IM-Series Tanks

Injection-molded IM-Series Tanks from Infiltrator Water Technologies are available in multiple sizes including the IM-540 pump tank, IM-1060 and large-capacity IM-1530 septic tank. Lightweight, strong and watertight, the tanks enable shallow, multiple and serial tank installation options in septic and pump applications. All have integral heavy-duty lids that interconnect with the watertight click-and-lock EZsnap riser. The tanks also have structurally reinforced access ports, reinforced structural ribbing and fiberglass support posts to provide additional strength. The two-piece tank design nests for efficient shipping, and inboard lifting lugs make delivery and handling easier. The tanks frequently house advanced wastewater treatment systems such as the ECOPOD fixed-film bioreactor system or the ECOFILTER pump vault tank filtration system. 800-221-4436;

LeakTronics Plumbers Kit

The Plumbers Kit from LeakTronics includes highly sensitive and powerful listening equipment that users can detect leaks with, even when those leaks are in pipes buried more than 6 feet underground. It includes a pipe probe that identifies leaks by touching on valve handles, pipes, spigots and when used in soil, by listening through dirt and landscaping to hear where water is escaping a pipe. The deck plate included in the kit creates a direct surface contact that listens for water leaks through concrete and floors, hard soil and solid surfaces. The soft-sided listening disc has the ability to hear leaks in walls and floors, behind tile and cabinetry and all without making a scratch or mark on delicate surfaces. Hand Held Video Pro and Deluxe cameras take users inside the pipes with clear visual acuity and FLASH sonde technology to locate the camera head underground so technicians know where to dig to make repairs. 818-436-2953;

Mansfield Plumbing Products QuantumOne

The QuantumOne pressure-assist toilet from Mansfield Plumbing Products provides commercial-grade power for bathrooms with heavy traffic. The Flushmate pressure-assist flushing system uses compressed air to blast water through the bowl, delivering a quicker, more effective flush. It only uses 1.0 gallons of water with every flush, saving water and money without sacrificing performance. Its PuraClean easy-to-clean glaze creates an ultraslick surface inside the toilet bowl so debris won’t collect. 877-850-3060;

McCormick Systems plumbing and mechanical estimating software

McCormick Systems plumbing and mechanical estimating software with Design Estimating Pro provides contractors with the tools needed for a fast estimate, PDF takeoff and design-build in one estimating program. It includes a database complete with items, assemblies, labor units and material pricing, with estimators that can create an instant material list and professional final bid by simply clicking. Contractors measure pipe, count fixtures, create custom symbols and design-build directly onto the PDF drawing in a fraction of the time and training it takes on a CAD program. The software additionally incorporates the must-have feature of a work breakdown structure so the contractor can easily manage the project to completion after being awarded the contract. Contractors can estimate and design-build at the same time, all within one program. 800-444-4890;

Milwaukee Tool  PEX crimp jaw

Milwaukee Tool’s PEX crimp jaw for the M18 FORCE LOGIC press tool comes in 1/2-, 3/4-, 1-, 1 1/4-, 1 1/2- and 2-inch sizes. It provides an easy solution for PEX crimp installations, eliminating the repetitive strain required with hand tools. These press tool jaws are compatible with F1807 and F2159 connections and have been optimized with an easy-open, in-line design for one-handed pressing when used with the M18 FORCE LOGIC press tool. These PEX crimp jaws offer high confidence for quality connections, as the spring-loaded opening grips the ring for precise alignment to the fitting, and a green light on the press tool indicates a completed crimp. 800-729-3878;

Navien NPE-S Series

Navien NPE-S Series tankless water heaters offer the industry’s highest efficiency rating of .97 UEF. They are available in four different sizes (NPE-150S, NPE-180S, NPE-210S and NPE-240S) that offer a max input range from 120,000 to 199,900 Btu/h. Each unit includes dual stainless steel heat exchangers, 2-inch PVC venting capability up to 60 feet, 1/2-inch gas line capability, and field gas convertibility. For larger projects, up to eight tankless water heaters can be common vented and up to 16 units can be cascaded together. 800-519-8794;

Norweco Singulair  Green R3 

Norweco’s Singulair Green R3 water reuse system reduces water consumption, reuses treated effluent and recycles water to conserve and recharge water resources. It provides a solution to chronic water shortages and reduces energy costs associated with water and wastewater treatment. The system quietly, efficiently and automatically treats all incoming wastewater to the highest level for restricted indoor and unrestricted outdoor use. The system exceeds the effluent requirements of NSF/ANSI Standards 40, 245 and 350. It qualifies for Green Building credits under both the LEED rating system and the NAHB ICC 700 National Green Building Standard. By using the system and following local building code, a homeowner can expect to dramatically reduce water usage. 800-667-9326;

Pipe Lining Supply  compact camera

Pipe Lining Supply offers a small, compact camera designed for use with high-speed drain machines for cleaning and/or coating sewer drains. The unit has a small external monitor that can be held in the palm of your hand, cable lengths of either 50 or 150 feet, and a wireless video headset, giving the operator a hands-free video display of the work they are doing. It has LED lights, an SD card slot for recording work, and rechargeable batteries for both the headset and the monitor for truly cord-free portability. It is a suitable camera for small-diameter pipe. 888-354-6464;

Real-Tite Plugs

All 60 variations of Real-Tite Plugs are designed to be green by being reusable. Using the same plug over and over reduces using natural resources, energy and materials. The company uses recycled and biodegradable materials in packing shipments, along with high-volume packing methods to reduce environmental impact. The plugs use three different methods to stop leaks – behind and over damaged threads, and a shoulder seal, ensuring constant, stable flow control, saving water. 800-877-0610;

RIDGID PowerClear

The compact and versatile RIDGID PowerClear drain cleaning machine eliminates tub, shower and sink blockages from 3/4- to 1 1/2-inch lines without the mess. It offers Autofeed technology to keep users’ hands clean and free from touching the cable while advancing and retrieving it in the line. A guide hose also helps to keep the work area clean, making it suitable for residential or commercial use. Weighing only 12 pounds, the lightweight design makes it easy to handle while still being powerful enough to clear the toughest blockages. Its 120-volt motor feeds cable at a rate of 18 fpm to a maximum of 25 feet, and its clear cover allows users to view how much cable is remaining. The heavy-duty inner core cable is also purpose-built for long life, increased strength and kink resistance. 800-474-3443;

Saniflo Sanicompact 

Saniflo’s eco-friendly Sanicompact is a self-contained macerating-toilet system used to install water-efficient half bathrooms. It consumes as little as 1 gpf with its dual-flush system, while a typical toilet uses 1.6 gpf. This not only saves money on a water bill, but also saves space, given the lack of a tank and it being self-vented. Aided by it’s above-the-floor technology, it can be installed anywhere as long as there is an electricity and water supply. It incorporates a macerating system that can handle and shred human waste and toilet paper in residential applications. The blade is a hardened stainless steel material, eliminating possible clogging and the need for any service/replacement. 732-225-6070;

Superior Signal 5E  Electric Smoker

The 5E Electric Smoker from Superior Signal offers a cost-effective and green solution to find difficult leaks and odors in residential and commercial plumbing systems. Connect the blower to any plumbing clean-out or vent, with the appropriate size smoke candle to force smoke through faults and cracks, easily identifying sources of odor and hard to find leaks. Superior Smoke Candles produce a highly visible, non-toxic smoke and are completely biodegradable. The are manufactured with zero waste stream and include labels printed with vegetable-based ink on recycled paper, as well as biodegradable, recycled paperboard tubes. The smoker does not generate any harmful exhaust gases and handles all residential and commercial smoke testing applications. Smoke tests take just minutes to perform to see immediate results. Smokers come with 8 feet of industrial-grade flex hose, weigh just 8 pounds, and require no maintenance. 800-945-8378;  


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