Media Group Sees Big Growth Coming in Plumbing Industry

Marketing firm focuses on helping plumbing, drain cleaning, trenchless companies to start getting customer calls.

Media Group Sees Big Growth Coming in Plumbing Industry

  William Gardner, right, Gardner Media Group CEO helps a plumber with his website questions. Gardner Media Group works with companies in the plumbing, drain cleaning and trenchless industries. (Photo courtesy Gardner Media Group)

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By starting a new educational platform, Gardner Media Group is expecting that this year will be a big year for itself and the industry.

The media group, based in Miami, focuses its efforts on marketing for the plumbing, drain cleaning and trenchless industries and is launching an online learning platform called “The Drain Academy” later this year. William Gardner, the company’s CEO, says it will teach plumbers how to take a call from A to Z.

Gardner spent 15 years doing sales, marketing and business development work for the plumbing industry until four years ago when he decided to create his own company focusing on marketing for plumbing businesses.

After one year of success, Gardner expanded the company and has continued to grow it over the years. Plumber magazine recently conducted a question-and-answer session with Gardner about his company.

PLUMBER MAGAZINE: What type of marketing, or  other work, does Gardner Media Group help  potential clients with? 

WILLIAM: Mostly online with Google pay-per-click. 

I specialize in the emergency-type calls that get your phone to ring right now with people who need your service right now.

PLUMBER MAGAZINE: What is the biggest lesson plumbers need to know or learn to effectively market their company?

WILLIAM: Invest in what will make your phone ring today. Once you have a steady call volume you can rely on, that’s when you can start to invest in the long-term marketing and branding. Plumbing businesses live and die by how many times their phone rings. You need to make the phone ring daily.

PLUMBER MAGAZINE: The world of media and marketing has changed a lot over the last 10 years with social media. What has Gardner Media Group done to keep up with all the changes?

WILLIAM: We excel in using social media to interact with our clients. Social media and especially Facebook groups for plumbers have allowed us to meet and interact with plumbers at the touch of a finger. We can communicate our messages, give advice in the groups and see their feedback on variety of subjects.

PLUMBER MAGAZINE: The COVID pandemic has affected a lot of things over the past year. What has the company done to help plumbers? 

WILLIAM: We have done a lot of webinars, free marketing training and are in the process of launching a new product. It is an online learning platform called “The Drain Academy.” It will teach plumbers how to take a call from A to Z.

PLUMBER MAGAZINE: What’s ahead for Gardner Media Group the rest of 2021?

WILLIAM: The WWETT show, of course, will be big for us. With our drain and trenchless campaigns, along with adding our online learning platform “The Drain Academy,” we are expecting big things this year. The goal of “The Drain Academy” is finding the plumber where they are currently in their business and guiding them in setting up successful drain operations, sales and marketing. We want to deliver more value than just ads; we want to give them the information they need to succeed from our ad campaigns.

PLUMBER MAGAZINE: Is there anything else  you would like to add?

WILLIAM: We are excited to bring value to the plumbing, drain and trenchless world. We see an opportunity as the online experts to shine light on the positive results online marketing can deliver. We see 2021 as a breakout year for the plumbing, drain and trenchless industry. 


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