Plumber Combines Career with Music Passion

Zak Wiersma adds a plumbing spin to create a parody of a popular pop song

Plumber Combines Career with Music Passion
Zak Wiersma

When you think of pop singer Enrique Iglesias, plumbing probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But for Michigan plumber Zak Wiersma the combination of his profession and the Iglesias song “Hero” served as inspiration.

Recently, Wiersma, 27, debuted a parody version of the 2001 Iglesias hit on his YouTube channel. The most recognizable line in the Iglesias song, “I can be your hero baby,” of course changed to, “I can be your plumber baby.”


“I don’t even know how it started,” Wiersma says. “That song might have been playing on the radio and I happened to be thinking about plumbing at the time and started putting the pieces together. Writing parody songs is pretty easy because you already have the melody there. You can learn the song and just put a spin on it. I wrote it so quickly. It was just something funny.”

Wiersma’s parody song has made the rounds at Bilz Plumbing in Ferrysburg, Michigan, where he’s worked for about 10 years, and his co-workers have also gotten a kick out of it.

Wiersma says it’s the first plumbing-related parody song he has done, but now it has him thinking about other popular songs he can cover with a plumbing spin. His musical skills are still developing. He took up the guitar only a couple years ago and is self-taught.

“A co-worker I got partnered up with, we both really enjoy music and would always listen to music in the work van on the way to jobs. One day we were talking and I mentioned how I’d always wanted to play an instrument. He said he had too, so right after work that day, we went to a local music store and both bought guitars,” Wiersma says. “Ever since, we’ve been playing and learning. Teaching ourselves through YouTube videos and whatnot.”

It sparked some musical interests for Wiersma’s wife, Diane, as well. She sings on many of the cover songs he has posted on his YouTube channel.

“She didn’t even know she could sing,” Wiersma says. “Once I got my guitar and started playing, she kind of started singing a little bit, and it turned into this really good bonding experience for both us. A hobby we can enjoy together.”

You can check out more about the couple and their music on Instagram and YouTube.

And if you need a refresher on Wiersma’s inspiration for his plumbing parody song, watch the video below:


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