Major Plumbing Contractor Trusts CPVC in Thousands of New Homes

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Major Plumbing Contractor Trusts CPVC in Thousands of New Homes

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There are few residential construction markets that have been more active in recent years than the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. For plumbing contractors in busy markets like this it is critical to be able to provide fast, cost-effective installations using the highest quality products available.

For Atlas Plumbing in Manassas, Virginia, that means a decades-long commitment to FlowGuard Gold CPVC plumbing systems.

Atlas has plumbed and serviced over 75,000 homes in the last 35 years, doing work for many of the largest single-family builders in the region and the nation, earning a time-tested reputation for quality workmanship and timeliness. Atlas turned from copper to FlowGuard Gold plumbing systems nearly 30 years ago and has trusted CPVC ever since.

The best alternative for high-volume plumbers
Atlas has evaluated alternative plumbing materials, including flexible products like PEX. According to Tim Lear, vice president at Atlas Plumbing, “There’s really no difference in installation speed between PEX and CPVC and when you look at the total cost of a job, FlowGuard Gold plumbing systems are best for the bottom line.

“The team has been trained on the solvent weld installation method, eliminating the need for cumbersome joining methods and specialized tools that cost more money, and can change over time and between brands,” Lear says.

“It can get confusing for teams installing different brands of PEX because the fittings and installation methods can be so different. With FlowGuard Gold, training installers is easy and Lubrizol’s piping systems consultants are always available to answer any questions we’ve had over the years.”

Reputation for quality products
Lear is a firm believer in the quality of FlowGuard Gold plumbing systems. “The long-term system reliability has been key, with FlowGuard Gold in use for almost 60 years now,” says Lear. “As a mature product that’s been tested for decades, I know I’m getting a good product when I use FlowGuard Gold CPVC.”

Having seen the impact of the polybutylene crisis of the early 1990s, Lear says it’s especially valuable to know that even in aggressive water conditions and various forms of chlorine-based water treatment FlowGuard Gold will never corrode, degrade, pit or scale.

“FlowGuard Gold is a time-tested product, that trains easy and is price competitive,” he says. “And that’s the whole reason we’ve used it for as many years as we have. Plus, it’s backed by the support and reputation to ensure long-term success for our company.”

For Lear, a FlowGuard Gold plumbing system is more than just pipes and fittings; it’s a team of experts that are always available when there is a question. “The FlowGuard Gold team is always there for us when we need them. If my installers run into an issue, or have a question about ancillary products, I know help is just a phone call away.”

Elevating the trade
Availability and quality of labor have been common concerns throughout the construction industry, especially the plumbing trade. According to Lear, meeting the demands of a high-volume plumbing contractor in a tight labor market can be done without sacrificing quality of workmanship or materials.

The key, Lear says, is to bring younger workers into the field, and give them the training and support they’ll need not just to learn the work, but to prepare them to take over as the next generation of American plumbers.

“There’s a good living to be made in plumbing. We want our employees to be excited about their future in the trade and have pride in the work they do.”

Atlas recently launched a program encouraging students to join the plumbing industry straight out of high school. Atlas first trains the students in the classroom about the basics, then has them shadow with crews out in the field to learn the daily ins and outs.

While some contractors across the country have stepped back from their commitment to quality in the face of labor shortages, Atlas remains focused on providing plumbing installations that the company and their clients can be proud of.

“FlowGuard Gold CPVC gives us the clean, professional look we strive for in our projects,” Lear says. “With flexible products like PEX, the pipe ends up getting run like electrical wire - it might get water from point A to point B, but it’s hard to keep it looking clean and neat, which our plumbers take pride in.”

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