Plumber Product News: Nov. 6, 2017

Here are the latest product offerings for the plumbing industry
Plumber Product News: Nov. 6, 2017
The heavy-duty Pow’r-Gear no-hub coupling from Ideal Clamp Products fits properly between the locator lug on the fitting and the pipe, eliminating the need to grind down the lug.

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Ideal Clamp Products Pow’r-Gear no-hub couplings
The heavy-duty Pow’r-Gear no-hub coupling from Ideal Clamp Products fits properly between the locator lug on the fitting and the pipe, eliminating the need to grind down the lug. The coupling has fewer clamps, which reduces installation time. They are UPC listed, conform to CISPI 310, NSF certified to ASTM C1277 and were tested by NSF International, conforming to ASTM C1540 performance requirements. 800/251-3220;

John Guest USA ProLock Shut-Off Valves
ProLock Shut-Off Valves from John Guest USA are available in 1/2- or 3/4-inch copper tube size. Manufactured from engineered black thermoplastic, the shut-off valves are UV resistant and safe to use outdoors. The shut-off valves have two interchangeable buttons for color coding hot- and cold-water applications. These fittings are suitable for use with copper, PEX or CPVC pipe. ProLock require no tools to make secure, leak-proof connections and are lead-free. 973/808-5600;

Omni Brass bidet diverter valve BV100
The bidet diverter valve BV100 from Omni Brass is a self-lubricating valve that features an integral atmospheric vacuum breaker with two-mode operation, including rim wash and vertical spray. It has a compact design that can be used with specially designed Omni Brass stainless steel hoses and fittings. The valve is easily serviceable from above the rim with a design using a single, removable cartridge, so no special tools are required for servicing or installing. The valve also features a minimum continuous douche spray flow when set on rim mode as well as a minimum continuous flow around the rim when set in spray mode. The BV100 valve is code-compliant with all North American standards and can be paired with all types of bidet bowls and faucets. 905/760-9909;

FloLogic 1 1/2-inch valve
The FloLogic System with a 1 1/2-inch flow path provides a flow capacity exceeding 100 gpm and features a flow-sensing technology that catches leaks as small as one drop per second. The larger valve offers protection for high-water-demand properties. 877/356-5644;

Franklin Electric Inline Controls
Inline Controls from Franklin Electric are compatible with both Franklin Electric and Little Giant brand pumps and include five pump starting and control devices that pair with a variety of submersible or surface pumps, up to 20 amps, to provide or boost the system’s overall water pressure. The product family offers various forms of system protection, including dry run, dead head pumping, over amperage, locked system and over pressurization. They also offer a daily motor rotation start designed to energize the motor at least once every 24 hours to prevent system locking. An automatic restart feature eliminates the need to manually restart the pump in case of an unexpected trip or fault. 260/824-2900;

StoneAge Jetting App 2.0
StoneAge launched an update for its free suite of waterblasting calculators, the Jetting App 2.0. It includes nine calculators for configuring jetting and managing flow, pressure loss and jet reaction force to help maximize results. 866/795-1586;

Taco Comfort Solutions Building Efficiency System Tool
The interactive Building Efficiency System Tool from Taco Comfort Solutions compares the different styles of HVAC systems early in the design process. It brings EER, IEER, SEER and COP data together to compare the performance, life cycles and costs for any type of HVAC system. It uses the Building Energy Efficiency Ratio, which takes certified AHRI data, including certified unit efficiency ratios, certified manufacturers’ published performance data, component performance curves and pipe or duct required in typical systems, with correction factors. It combines them to bridge the gap between laboratory test data and real-world HVAC system performance to include installed and utility cost against load and weather. 401/942-8000;

Chicago Faucets 333 Series faucets
The updated 333 Series manual faucet line from Chicago Faucets has a reshaped body, an integral cast shank and optional deck cover plates. The single-hole, single-supply faucets feature a vandal-resistant pin that secures it in place and helps prevent rotation. Optional 4- and 8-inch deck cover plates adapt the faucet to almost any type of sink. Other features include an ADA-compliant push-button handle with adjustable MVP metering cartridge. The cartridges include a timing adjustment nut that allows adjustment of the runtime from one to 20 seconds without turning off the water supply. 847/803-5000;


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