Spotlight: Adapter turns ratchet drive or breaker bar into a pipe wrench

Spotlight: Adapter turns ratchet drive or breaker bar into a pipe wrench
The pipe wrench head adapter from Lowell Corporation.

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The pipe wrench head adapter from Lowell Corporation can be attached to a 1/2-inch drive ratchet, breaker bar or torque wrench. Originally designed to tighten and torque test gas line compression fittings, the wrench head provides added flexibility in confined spaces, enabling the user to reach and securely tighten joints from different angles. 

“It was first designed for the gas companies to verify how tightly their compression fittings were torqued,” says Scott Rieder, sales and marketing manager for Lowell Corporation. “They have a minimum torque requirement for compression fittings. If you have to tighten the fitting down to 100 ft-lbs, how do you tell? This way, instead of having to get a unique tool, you can use your standard torque wrench.” 

The 8-inch-long (jaw collapsed) by 2 1/5-inch-wide steel wrench head with replaceable teeth weighs 3 1/4 pounds and has a 285 ft-lb torque capacity. The adjustable jaws open from 1 1/2 to 5 1/4 inches. When used with a ratchet, the stop bar prevents unwanted ratcheting during repositioning. 

“The body is hardened so it won’t wear,” Rieder says. “You won’t elongate or round out the 1/2-inch square opening.” 

To ensure long life and maximize capability, Lowell recommends cleaning and lubricating the head adapter after each use. 800/456-9355;


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