Product News - June 2020

Product News - June 2020

Saniflo Sanicondens Best Flat condensate pump

The Sanicondens Best Flat from Saniflo is a sleek, lower-profile version of its Sanicondens Best condensate pump, with double the tank volume. It is capable of serving multiple mechanical systems up to a total of 500,000 Btu/h. The Best Flat combines a condensate pump with pH-neutralizing pellet tray into a single, space-saving, environmentally friendly solution for boilers, water heaters, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, and other appliances. The pump boosts the pH of the acidic condensate before it can be discharged into a drainline, preventing corrosion. The condensate is neutralized as it comes into contact with the pellets in the tray before being pumped safely away through a 3/8-inch discharge line into the sanitary sewer or a septic tank. 800-571-8191;

Flomatic Valves Model Cycle Gard pump control valve

The Model Cycle Gard IV CB152SST from Flomatic Valves is a stainless steel, direct-acting, constant-pressure pump control valve with tappings. The body is equipped with 1-inch NPT-size female inlet threads and 1-inch NPT union end female outlet connection. The valve’s standard pressure range is 15 to 75 psi with an optional 15 to 150 psi range. The valve body maximum pressure rating is 400 psi. All of the valve’s internal parts are corrosion resistant with a stainless steel spring and fasteners for long service life. It maintains a preset operating pressure, reduces rapid pump cycling and is proven protection for wells and booster pumps. 800-833-2040;

Navien NPE-2 series condensing tankless water heater

The NPE-2 series from Navien brings new features including a turndown ratio up to 15-to-1, an upgraded advanced multiline control panel for easy setup and increased 2-inch PVC venting length. Available as the NPE-A2 and NPE-S2 models, the units also offer high-efficiency features such as dual stainless steel heat exchangers, 1/2-inch gas pipe capability up to 24 feet, cascade and common vent capability, efficiency up to 0.97 UEF and the ComfortFlow recirculation system with built-in pump and buffer tank on the NPE-A2. 949-420-0420;

Viewpoint Software Service Tech mobile app

The Service Tech mobile app from Viewpoint Software is an easy-to-use tool to manage and review work orders, assign and update labor, collect electronic signatures, upload job site photos and forms, and other essential functions. The app provides comprehensive, relevant data in real time, without the need to call back to the office. Work orders can be viewed at the start of the day, job site and customer notes can be added and read, maps for directions to jobs can be viewed, photos can be uploaded and more. The app is available as part of the ViewpointOne suite. 971-255-4800;  


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