Product Focus: Hydronic Heating Systems – Fittings

Product Focus: Hydronic Heating Systems – Fittings
The PEX compression adapter from Aquatherm.

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Aquatherm PEX compression adapter 
The PEX compression adapter from Aquatherm is made of polypropylene-random (PP-R) and lead-free brass. The adapter enables installers to transition between Aquatherm and PEX pipe in potable water and radiant systems. Manufactured to ASTM F1960, the adapter is available in 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-inch diameters. 801/805-6657;

Armstrong Fluid Technology E.2
The E.2 pump-less volute kit from Armstrong Fluid Technology is designed to upgrade, renew or replace all working parts of E Series model circulators. The kits are suitable for hydronic fluid and potable water applications and compatible with the original E Series. The kit comes with a water slinger to protect the motor against water intrusion, stainless steel shaft, seal, permanently lubricated bearings and bellows-style mechanical seal with silicon carbide wear surfaces. 800/356-9845;

Caleffi North America DIRTMAG
The flanged DIRTMAG commercial dirt separator from Caleffi North America is effective at removing ferrous impurities. As fluid enters the separator, the impurities are attracted to and captured by a concentrated magnetic field created by a stack of neodymium rare-earth magnets housed inside a brass sleeve located beneath the flow stream. It removes up to 100 percent of total system impurities, keeping them from being deposited on heat exchanger surfaces or accumulating in pump cavities, causing reduced thermal efficiency and premature wear. 414/238-2360;

Mr. PEX Systems Composite Radiant Manifold
The Composite Radiant Manifold from Mr. PEX Systems is made from a high-performance glass-filled plastic designed to withstand high temperature and pressure. The manifold exceeds the oxygen diffusion standard DIN 4726 and is completely corrosion-resistant. It comes partially assembled as a complete kit, including a complete supply body with positive shut-off balancing flowmeters, thermometer, a fill/drain valve with vent, and a blank end cap. There is a complete return body with on/off valves for manual shut-off, thermometer, a fill/drain valve with vent, and a blank end cap. Also included is a set of mounting brackets, and 1-inch NPT isolation union ball valves. The plastic cap on the return valve can be removed to accommodate a valve actuator for zoning. The branches have Eurokonus (EK20) connections, and all EK20 compression-fitting assemblies (PEX to EK20 or PEX-AL-PEX to EK20) can be used to connect tubing up to 5/8-inch to the manifold. 952/652-2472;

ThermOmegaTech DTV
The DTV valve from ThermOmegaTech is completely self-operating, requires no power or signals, and is easily installed in-line. Simply tee into the drainline and the tempering water connects to its inlet. When wastewater rises above the specified setpoint, the DTV modulates open to let cooling water in and mix proportionately with the high-temperature discharge, decreasing the temperature. Once discharge temperature lowers, the DTV shuts off the cold-water flow, minimizing the amount of water needed and ensuring compliance with plumbing codes. 877/379-8258;

Webstone Valves Isolator
The Isolator with rotating flange and multi-function drain from Webstone Valves not only isolates a pump for replacement or system service, the presence of a drain permits system filling and purging. Its three-way flow path facilitates easy purging from either side of the pump, while the rotating flange provides a full 360 degrees of motion, allowing the body to be adjusted for optimum operation no matter how tight the quarters. It is available in IPS, SWT, Press, and PPR in sizes 3/4 to 2 inches. 800/225-9529;


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