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Hydronic Heating Systems
Condensing boiler provides savings with efficiency boost

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Condensing boiler provides savings with efficiency boost

Problem: Weighing over 1,000 pounds, an oversized, cast iron boiler once dominated the basement of a Pennsylvania residence. Dave Yates from F.W. Behler stepped in to redesign the customer’s system to save them money and energy during the winter heating season.

Solution: With a 95 percent efficiency rating, a NHB Series condensing boiler from Navien was chosen as a replacement. This space-saving unit offers a 15-1 turndown ratio to reduce energy consumption, and was installed with a Navien preassembled primary manifold. While the original boiler took more than five people to remove, Navien’s NHB Series weighs 80 pounds and can be hung on the wall by a single individual.

Result: The switch proved to be cost-effective not only for the homeowner, but also for the contractor using preassembled manifolds. “When you look at the value of the time saved verses what this costs, it’s a net positive for us as contractors because we’re able to move in and out and go onto the next job faster,” says Yates. F.W. Behler compared seven months of energy-usage data to the previous year during the winter heating months, and calculated a 56 percent reduction on therm usage, totaling 1,230 fewer therms used. Their utility bill also decreased 56 percent, saving the customer over $1,200 during the coldest time of the year. 800/519-8794; www.navienamerica.com.

Condensing boiler provides savings and reliability

Problem: Astacio Plumbing & Heating lead technician Jonathan Alvarez had grown tired of problematic condensing applications, and wanted to find a new boiler that wouldn’t create callbacks. Late last year a call came in to install a boiler and copper tube baseboard in a 50-year-old, 2,500-square-foot home in southeastern Connecticut that was being heated with electric baseboard. Alvarez decided to use it as an opportunity to try a new boiler.

Solution: Torrco Plumbing Supply suggested that Alvarez try the K2 Firetube high-efficiency boiler from U.S. Boiler Company. The home’s heat load, in addition to a new 80-
gallon sidearm tank, required around 200 mBh. Alvarez installed a 205 mBh K2 Firetube, along with all-new radiation. The boiler is available in five sizes from 85 to 270 mBh, all of which can be floor or wall mounted. It offers efficiencies of up to 95 percent, and the 155 mBh model is available as a combination.

Result: During the installation, Alvarez noted how easy the boiler was to install. The inside of the boiler cabinet wasn’t crammed full of wires and sensors, and he liked how the boiler looked on the outside, too. The homeowner has been much more comfortable, and over the past winter, saved between 40 and 60 percent on heating expenses. 717/397-4701; www.k2boiler.com.


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