Focus: Pipe Fitting Tools

Focus: Pipe Fitting Tools
The socket welding PREP tool from Asahi/America.

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Asahi/America PREP
The socket welding PREP (peel, remove, edge and plane) tool from Asahi/America helps remove oxidation on thermoplastic pipe and fittings before welding. It offers three-in-one convenience to quickly prepare a pipe before socket welding by removing the natural oxidation that occurs on polyolefin thermoplastics. The outside layer of the pipe is easily removed, the edge of the pipe is beveled to ensure easy insertion into the socket fitting, and the face of the pipe is planed to straighten uneven cuts. It also marks the desired insertion depth. It is in accordance with DVS and ASTM Type B socket standards and is available in six sizes (1/2- through 2-inch) individually or in kit form. Manual handles and spare blades are available. 800/343-3618;


Cherne Industries Clean-Out Gripper Plugs
Clean-Out Gripper Plugs from Cherne Industries seal damaged threads. The plugs are made with glass-reinforced ABS plastic and include a natural rubber threaded O-ring for a positive seal. NPT sizes are available, including hard-to-find 3 1/2-inch. 800/843-7584;


IBG HydroTech WaMax
The WaMax milling system from IBG HydroTech is used for the removal of roots, mineral de­posits, concrete, protruding sockets and other rehabilitation prep work. The pressure- and volume-independent control-milling system with small revolutions of approximately 250 rpm delivers effective performance. It works in pipe diameters from 3 to 40 inches. The system can be equipped with liner and rupturing knives, a round saw blade for removing roots and a pipe socket cutter. The system can be driven by process water from the water treatment system as well as recycled water without problems. It can also be used for oval and egg-shaped profiles.


Perma-Liner Industries Vac-A-Tee
The Vac-A-Tee from Perma-Liner Industries allows access to the lateral pipe for cleaning, inspection and lateral lining through a clean-out. It can also be used to establish a new service connection at the mainline pipe. It is compatible with all pipe types such as clay, cast iron, concrete, PVC and HDPE, and is available in diameters from 4 to 24 inches. The unit is homeowner-friendly, with minimal disruption and restoration; utility-friendly, eliminating the hazard of digging up water and gas lines; environmentally friendly, saving trees and landscaping; and installer-friendly, requiring no large equipment or shoring. 866/336-2568;


Safety Sewer Drain
The Safety Sewer Drain eliminates the mess and threat of contamination when removing the clean-out on a plugged drain. Made of clear polypropylene, the device fits over a 4-inch clean-out. Sewage drains through a valve-controlled hose into a bucket for disposal. It can also be adapted to work on a 3-inch clean-out. 906/753-4002;


T&T Tools Rudy Tool
The Rudy Tool lifting tool from T&T Tools can be used to remove cast iron valve box covers/lids. Designed with safety in mind, it eliminates the need for prolonged bending or getting on knees to pry lids off with items such as screwdrivers or fingers. Manually operated, the scissors-style lifter removes and reinstalls the lids while standing in a safe upright position. The risk of personal injuries caused by the misuse of screwdrivers or other similar items is removed. 800/521-6893;


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