Focus: Septic and Sewer Installation and Repair – Pipe and Tanks

Focus: Septic and Sewer Installation and Repair – Pipe and Tanks
GEO-flow corrugated HDPE pipe from Advanced Drainage Systems.

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Advanced Drainage Systems GEO-flow
GEO-flow corrugated HDPE pipe from Advanced Drainage Systems is a gravelless pipe distribution system that promotes an oxygen-rich environment for increased biomat activity. Its flexibility makes it ideal for contoured applications. The polypropylene grid and geotextile wrap increases effluent dispersal 360 degrees into soil with capillary action. The wrap controls soil infiltration issues and has long-term durability. The pipe is made in 10-foot sections, has a lightweight design and is easily delivered and installed in hard-to-reach areas. 800/821-6710;

Spears Mfg. Sewer Disconnect
The Sewer Disconnect from Spears Mfg. includes a screw-down plunger that provides temporary shut-off of a sewer line or minimizes sewage backup from sewer mains during flooding. The body accepts SDR-35 sewer pipe, or any ASTM D 3034 /D 2729 pipe, but can easily adapt to Schedule 40 drainage pipe using a 4-inch IPS socket and sewer spigot adapters. The standpipe can be easily fabricated and brought to grade with user-supplied SDR-35 sewer pipe or optionally from Schedule 40 drainage pipe with the addition of a 4-inch Schedule 40 DWV socket coupling. For closure, a 4-inch sewer cap or Schedule 40 DWV cap can be used. A T-handle extension for easy plunger operation can be fabricated from user-supplied 1-inch Schedule 40 pipe and a Tee fitting. 818/364-1611;

Underground Solutions Fusible PVC
Fusible PVC pipe products from Underground Solutions provide infrastructure technologies for water, wastewater and power cable conduit applications. Available in diameters from 4 to 36 inches, including Fusible C-900, Fusible C-905 and FPVC, the pipe produces fused monolithic, fully restrained, gasket-free, leak-free piping systems ideal for trenchless (horizontal directional drilling, pipe bursting and sliplining) or conventional open-cut installations. The combination of standard fittings, as well as lower weight and higher flow for a given pressure class ensure greater economy for most pipeline projects. 858/679-9551;


Septic Tanks

Infiltrator Systems IM-Series
IM-Series plastic tanks from Infiltrator Systems are lightweight, durable, watertight and provide strength in a two-piece design. They are available in a variety of sizes from a 500-gallon pump tank, to a large-capacity 1,500-gallon septic tank and an 1,800-gallon potable water tank. The line enables a wide range of installation options, including shallow, multiple and serial tank configurations. All tanks have integral heavy-duty lids that interconnect with a TW Riser System, structurally reinforced access ports, reinforced structural ribbing and fiberglass support posts to provide additional strength. Inboard lifting lugs make delivery and handling easy. No special installation, backfill or water-filling procedures are required, and tanks can be pumped dry during pumpouts. The two-piece design allows for efficient shipping and reduces freight costs. 800/221-4436;

Jet Inc. J-500-800PLT
The J-500-800PLT plastic tank from Jet Inc. offers a lightweight alternative to concrete J-1500 Series BAT Media Plants. PLT Series tanks offer variable treatment capacity from 500 to 800 gpd. They are rotational molded out of lightweight polyethylene material to offer a seamless tank with strength and durability. They are easy to transport and install in difficult site conditions, and are locally supported by a global network of trained and certified distributors. 800/321-6960;

Norwesco 3525
The 3525 belowground holding tank from Norwesco provides a large-capacity solution for fire suppression, rainwater harvesting, potable water and sewage holding. It comes with molded-in tie-down and lifting lugs on the corners for ease of handling and moving. Multiple fitting flats provide flexibility for plumbing during installation. Molded-in support columns provide structural support and strength when backfilled. 800/328-3420;


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