Camera system from Forbest Products Co. offers a versatile inspection

When a plumber is looking for an inspection camera system, versatility is the name of the game. A unit that can inspect a wide range of pipe sizes and is easy to transport and use is ideal. Fortunately, the FB-PIC3388MT camera system from Forbest Products Co. has all that.

“This is our most popular model because it is so versatile,” says Tony Cheung, sales manager with Forbest Products. “It is very popular with drain cleaners and plumbers alike.”

The inspection system allows users to inspect 4- to 20-inch pipe. The package comes with 200 feet of 3/8-inch fiberglass cable and a reel with a footage counter that helps the user pinpoint problem areas of the pipe.

“The counter tells the user exactly how much cable is out, so when they come across a problem, they know exactly what portion of the pipe to target,” says Cheung. “That helps eliminate the guesswork of pipe inspection.”

The unit comes with a 1 1/2-inch self-leveling waterproof color camera head and a detachable stainless steel spring kit. With a camera head adapter, a high-resolution 7/8-inch waterproof metal color camera head (with or without a built-in 512 Hz sonde transmitter) can also be used on the 200-foot cable. “That will actually allow you to inspect pipe as small as 2 inches in diameter,” says Cheung. “It’s a nice feature that makes the unit even more versatile.”

Two extra detachable spring kits with different hardness are provided for different applications. The heavy-duty, waterproof control box includes a bright, 10-inch, LCD color screen that can record photos and videos with USB or SD. On-screen status indicators include footage of the cable pushed through the pipe and battery strength. Most parts of the system are modular and easily replaceable.

“All our cables work with all our control boxes — which actually lets you use existing parts if something breaks, or order a new part instead of a whole new system,” says Cheung. “You can also send in broken parts to be repaired. Typically, we’re able to turn around an order on a broken part in two to three days.”

According to Cheung, roughly two to three years of research went into the design of the unit. However, the current camera on the market does differ from when it first hit the market a few years ago.

“We are continuously updating this unit based on the feedback we get from those using it,” he says. “That’s how it has remained so popular.” 877/369-1199;


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