LeakSmart (Waxman Products) water leak detection system

The LeakSmart System’s four components — an automatic water shut-off valve, wireless water leak and temperature sensors, system hub, and free smartphone application — work together to detect a leak or pipe freezing temperature. Once detected, the system immediately shuts off the home’s water supply and simultaneously alerts the homeowner via a smart device in under five seconds. LeakSmart sensors are placed behind appliances, under pipes and other places where leaks may occur. Monitoring for temperature and leaks, a sensor automatically signals the LeakSmart Valve to automatically shut off water. Also offered are the LeakSmart Sensor Range Extender to help boost signal strength of distant LeakSmart sensors, as well as LeakSmart Standalone Systems for direct appliance shut off, including washing machines, hot-water tanks, dishwasher, sinks and toilets. 855-532-5457; www.leaksmart.com  


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