Getting More Power

Inspection camera gets more versatility because of battery
Getting More Power
Russell Jones (right) one of the owners of Amazing Machinery, explains the features of the Viztrac Max inspection camera to a WWETT Show attendee. (Photo by Craig Mandli)

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Sometimes plumbers need to deploy an inspection camera at a remote job site. That’s where the Viztrac Max from Amazing Machinery can help. A 20-volt lithium-ion battery powers the Viztrac Max for up to 10 hours, eliminating the reliance on another power source.

The battery pack highlights the upgraded features of the Viztrac Max, a more enhanced version of the standard model. Amazing Machinery showcased this newest Viztrac inspection camera at the 2016 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show.

“Everything about the Viztrac has been very reliable, and we just carried through with everything that was working but added a few new features,” says Justin King, vice president at Amazing Machinery. “The feature that everyone is talking about is the battery pack, which has one of the longest lives in the industry.”

The standard Viztrac has no battery pack and must be plugged into an AC/DC wall jack or other power source such as a generator. Customer feedback drove the battery pack upgrade on the Viztrac Max model.

“That was one of the biggest requests we had from customers, so they could keep the cameras out in the field without having to run extension cords or carry a generator,” King says. “It gives them that ability to be a little more versatile and do jobs that are a little more remote with a lot less setup. The Viztrac Max can also still be powered directly from an AC/DC wall jack, so you have two power options.”

A larger 9-inch monitor on the control unit is the other major upgrade on the Viztrac Max compared to the 7-inch screen size on the standard option. Otherwise the features are the same, including a built-in digital recorder with remote control that records to a 4GB SD card; a waterproof 1.375-inch-diameter camera head with sapphire lens, stainless steel body and six white LED lights with dimmer; a built-in 512 Hz sonde; 100 to 225 feet of 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch push cable; and a heavy-duty powder-coated storage reel.

King says Amazing Machinery is targeting customers of all sizes with the camera, largely because the reliability of the system components is combined with affordability.

“With this camera, we’re looking at everything from small mom-and-pop plumbing companies to large franchise companies with over 100 service vans,” King says. “It’s an affordable product that is very reliable, so it makes it a lot easier if you have multiple service vans to outfit them with Viztracs. We have features that are very similar to a lot of other cameras. They’re the features that are demanded by plumbers, that are the absolute must-haves. What sets us apart is the price. We’re trying to maintain an affordable product that’s well-built in the U.S. out of quality components.”

The 2016 WWETT Show marked about a year that the Viztrac Max has been on the market. Amazing Machinery brought two cameras to display in its booth and both were sold at the show. Additional units were ordered by attendees. That’s the benefit of coming to the show, says King — people can see products like the Viztrac Max firsthand.

“The show has always been good for us because it’s hands-on, and we have so many customers who like the hands-on. They want to know what they’re buying,” King says. 800/504-7435;


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