The Art of Writing a Job Description

A job description should be detailed, but also brief. Get a head start on hiring with MyTana's Job Description Template.

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The Art of Writing a Job Description

Finding the words to describe a job isn’t easy. While there’s no way to include every little detail, it’s important to convey enough information for applicants to get a sense of role requirements and responsibilities. Without a clear, easy-to-read job description, everyone ends up wasting time. You’ll have to sift through unqualified applicants, and candidates waste time applying to a job they don’t understand.

According to one study, applicants only spend about a minute reading through a job description before deciding if it’s a good fit. So you need to write a description that conveys the important points quickly and clearly. Consider the job description to be a first impression.

  • Ensure that it has been edited and spell checked for grammar and punctuation. Typos will come across as unprofessional.
  • Be descriptive, but brief. Bullet points can help break up information concisely.
  • Take the perspective of your ideal applicant. If it may be someone new to the field, avoid jargon and terms that individuals entering the industry might not know yet.
  • Research the license and union membership requirements in your region.
  • Include a description of your company, details about how to apply and a deadline if applicable.

If you need a few more pointers on how to put together a stellar job description for a drain cleaner or plumber, download MyTana’s free Job Description Template today.


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