Convenient Battery-Powered Drain Auger Efficiently Busts Through Tough Clogs

Milwaukee Tool’s M18 Drain Snake has been Timothy A. Giard & Son Plumbing & Heating’s go-to tool for clearing small drainlines

Convenient Battery-Powered Drain Auger Efficiently Busts Through Tough Clogs

Jeremy Giard

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Timothy A. Giard & Son Plumbing & Heating provides an array of services, from plumbing service and repair to septic pumping. As it is taking care of customers’ various needs, the Massachusetts-based company occasionally comes across small drainlines that need to be unclogged. For those smaller-diameter drainline jobs, the company relies on the battery-powered M18 Drain Snake from Milwaukee Tool.

“We’ve owned one for three years now and it’s worth its weight in gold,” says co-owner Jeremy Giard says. “It’s my go-to tool for clogged drain and tub sinks.”

Designed for cleaning drainlines up to 3 inches in diameter, the machine features an enclosed drum and an autofeed system. Both of these features boost efficiency and productivity, he says. The machine costs about $250 with a battery included.

In addition, with a battery-powered machine, it’s no longer a problem if there’s no outlet nearby. And there’s no need for cumbersome extensions cords. The battery power is more than sufficient; Giard says he can clean three to four average drains on one charge.

The enclosed drum prevents the operator from coming in contact with the spinning cable, which is a great safety feature.

“On other power augers, the outer drum spins and if you’re not careful, you can catch a rag in it or a shirt sleeve or scratch up a cabinet wall,” Giard says.

The enclosed drum prevents materials from splattering and creating a mess when it’s retracting, he adds.

The machine features variable speed control (from zero to 500 rpm and zero to 8 inches per second feed rate), an LED light and 35 feet of rust-resistant, 1/4-inch-diameter bulb-head cable (it’s also capable of holding a 50-foot cable). It can also hold 50 feet of compatible 5/16-inch-diameter cable and 35 feet of 3/8-inch-diameter cable.

The unit measures 10 inches wide by just more than 11 inches tall and weighs slightly more than 8 pounds, which minimizes fatigue.

“It weighs about half as much as other machines I’ve used,” Giard says.

As for power, he says the M18 Drain Snake generates more than enough muscle to clear tough clogs. As an example, he cites a nasty one he encountered shortly after he bought the machine — a kitchen drain that had been clogged for three weeks.

“I got out the Drain Snake and thought to myself, ‘I’m going to find out right now whether it’s worth the money,’” Giard says. “And after about 25 minutes, I unclogged it. It was definitely worth the money.”

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