Product News - September 2020

Product News - September 2020

The AutoCutPL plastic tubing cutter from General Pipe Cleaners offers a fast, easy way to cut PEX and CPVC-CTS plastic tubing.

General Pipe Cleaners AutoCutPL tubing cutter

The AutoCutPL plastic tubing cutter from General Pipe Cleaners offers a fast, easy way to cut PEX and CPVC-CTS plastic tubing. Compact and convenient, the AutoCutPL produces clean, uncrushed, square cuts with less effort. Great for use in tight spaces, the AutoCutPL lets you cut plastic tubing with less than 1 inch of clearance in as little as one rotation. The blade is easy to replace, and the blade guard protects the blade — and fingers — from workplace and toolbox damage. AutoCutPL comes in three sizes: 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch for PEX and CPVC-CTS tubing. 800-245-6200;

Sewer Equipment 800 Series IV truck jet

The 800 Series IV truck jet from Sewer Equipment offers several features designed for cold-weather applications. The rear door can close completely with the hose reel fully extended, providing maximum heat retention inside the environmental enclosure where water components are stored. A new feature gives up to 20 gpm of hot water to feed the washdown reel, lateral reel and jetting circuits during cold-weather operations. A lack of PTO engagement allows for wintertime recirculation of the water system at highway speeds as a standard feature, saving the time otherwise spent blowing down the entire water system between job sites. The addition of a centralized water drain makes winterization easy, as there is only one drain to blow down, and a retractable canopy adds protection from the weather. 888-477-7611;

Bradford White Water Heaters eF120 Series commercial water heaters 

Bradford White Water Heaters eF120 Series commercial gas water heaters now incorporates building management system and modulation technology for remote monitoring capability and increased fuel efficiency. The eF120 Series’ modulation technology matches burner output to variations in heating demand. Using sensors, electronic controls, variable-speed blowers and algorithms, the heater maintains a higher constant temperature in order to respond quickly and efficiently to water draw. BMS capability integrates a water heater into an automated system that controls and monitors electrical, communications, security and other systems. 800-523-2931;

HoldRite (RWC) silicone firestop sealants

The HoldRite (RWC) UL-rated silicone firestop sealants are designed for areas that are subject to high levels of moisture. Excellent for W-ratings or washout conditions, the sealants are available in self-leveling and caulk-grade varieties and work with HoldRite’s existing line of firestop solutions. Both sealants have a flexible plus or minus 33% movement, low VOC, antifungal properties and a one-year shelf life. HoldRite’s silicone firestop sealants are FBC-system compatible and can be used on a variety of pipe types without requiring additional tooling once the product is dispensed into the penetration. 800-321-0316;

Lochinvar RealTime O2 Feedback technology

RealTime O2 Feedback sensor from Lochinvar tracks combustion and provides instantaneous reports. It is available as a retrofit solution for CREST commercial condensing boilers and can also be added as a factory-installed option to CREST boilers in production. The sensor constantly monitors the fuel/air ratio when the boiler is running and provides a real-time report to allow for instant adjustments. The technology gives immediate access to combustion and carbon emissions data, and O2 and CO2 levels can be checked in real time via the control panel or by using the CON•X•US Remote Connect platform. 615-889-8900;

Matco-Norca 759 press ball valve

Matco-Norca’s lead-free brass 759 press ball valve now features leak-prior-to-press technology. The press-fit feature is built into the design of the ball valve’s O-ring and provides a path for liquids from inside the pipe to weep past the sealing O-ring of an unpressed connection. The valves are available in sizes 1/2- to 4-inch, come with one O-ring and are compliant with UPC, AB1953, NSF-61 and NSF-372 standards. 800-431-2082;

AquaMotion Aqua-Shield recirculation kits

AquaMotion’s Aqua-Shield recirculation kits for single-pipe homes offer a stainless pump; 10-foot line cord; fittings; an outdoor enclosure that is water, sprinkler, bug and freeze protected; and an anti-tampering locking device tab. The Aqua-Shield recirculation pump can be installed outdoors next to the tankless heater. The AMK-ODR bypass valve is installed at the fixture farthest away from the tankless. The ODR valve kit includes hose and tee and maintains 95 degrees F. The AMH1K-7ODRXT1 On Demand and AMHK-RODRXT1 On Demand include the AMK-WB On Demand wireless push button and receiver. 401-785-3000;

Triangle Tube Smart 316 indirect water heaters

Triangle Tube Smart 316 indirect water heaters are available in model sizes from 30 to 120 gallons. The water heaters have a 316L stainless steel inner tank, acid pickling for corrosion resistance, a watertight top cover to prevent corrosion of the outer tank and improved dry-well quality that is pressure-tested before installation. 856-228-8881;  


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