Plumber Product Spotlight: Grundfos PACOpaQ

Intelligent HVAC package system combines pumps, components in one unit
Plumber Product Spotlight: Grundfos PACOpaQ
Grundfos PACOpaQ fully-integrated HVAC packaged pumping system

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The PACOpaQ fully integrated and compact HVAC packaged pumping system from Grundfos Pumps is designed for chilled and hot water distribution, condenser water, geothermal loop, district heating and cooling.

The system pairs centrifugal pumps with the intelligence and efficiency of a dedicated Grundfos CU 352 HVAC control that automatically determines the most efficient speed and optimum number of pumps needed to meet desired flow and pressure. The system is mounted on a common base frame with all the necessary variable frequency drives and fittings.

“People can buy this integrated unit instead of having to buy all the parts and pieces across three trades, coordinate them and make them all work,” says Jim Schlachter, business development manager, Grundfos PACOpaQ.

Standard features include a maximum head of 150 feet, flow rate of 0 to 4,600 gpm, liquid temperature range of 0 to 240 degrees F and maximum operating pressure of 150 psi. The system is available with two, three or four pumps and 5 to 100 hp motor. Fully custom systems also are designed and manufactured by Grundfos.

“We’ve integrated our LCS split-coupled end suction pump that has a lower cost of maintenance as well as being more energy efficient into the package system,” he says. “When you put everything in a package you can save space and share clearances, but at the end of the day it’s really that long-term, operational savings that we provide because we’ve done the research and development on our pumps and controls, rather than if you just bought a bunch of pieces.”

Applications include schools, hospitals, commercial buildings and industrial plants. The system’s compact design reduces the space and engineering required for mounting and installing individual components.

“A school district is going to benefit by having the same product in every school,” he says. “By having the commonality of components they can lower their overall maintenance cost.”

Options include standby pumps, CIM (communication interface module), air separator (ASME tangential with or without strainer) and ASME, bladder, top-feed expansion tank. 800/921-7867;


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