Sonde Locations Are a Breeze With vLoc3-Cam

Vivax-Metrotech’s vLoc3-Cam is an easy-to-use sonde locator. Its omnidirectional antenna array allows users to approach the sonde from any position. The directional arrows will guide the user first to the front or rear locate point and then directly to the sonde’s position. 

There’s no need to sweep forward-to-back or side-to-side. The vLoc3-Cam walks you to a position directly on top of the sonde.

Good compatibility

The vLoc3-Cam includes multiple sonde frequencies, making it compatible with the major push cameras, crawler cameras and directional drilling sondes on the market today.

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For active locating, with the use of a portable transmitter, the vLoc3-Cam comes with an 83.1 kHz frequency for tracing the pushrod. This frequency is ideal for water and gas utilities, as well as locating smaller-diameter buried utilities.

Plug-and-play options for the receiver include an optional Bluetooth module usable with external GPS devices. Vivax-Metrotech’s free VMMap app can create a bird’s-eye view of the pipe path, complete with GPS coordinates and user comments.

Customers can keep firmware up to date and download data from the receiver with the company’s free MyLocator desktop app.

Vivax-Metrotech Corp. is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of buried utility locators and video inspection cameras.   

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