Case Study: Stainless steel expansion plug solves clean-out problem

Case Study: Stainless steel expansion plug solves clean-out problem
Real-Tite stainless steel counter-sunk expansion plugs from Real-Tite Inc.

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A warehouse in Minneapolis has its sewer clean-outs located in the warehouse floor. Because the clean-outs were vulnerable to forklift and heavy truck traffic, the clean-out covers were cracking and leaking water and sewer gases. Warehouse owners needed a clean-out cap or plug that would hold up to the rigors of heavy truck and forklift traffic, provide a watertight seal and secure the clean-out openings that had been damaged by the heavy traffic.

Real-Tite Inc. suggested using Real-Tite stainless steel counter-sunk expansion plugs for all of the warehouses clean-outs. The plugs have a flush-fitting, thick, 12-gauge stainless steel cover and a large neoprene gasket. 

The counter-sunk stainless steel covers continue to hold up to the heavy warehouse traffic, and the large neoprene gasket provides a reusable clean-out plug that results in a watertight seal in both iron or plastic pipe, even with damaged threads. The end outcome was a reduction in material and labor costs for repeated replacement of damaged plugs. 952/938-0600;


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