Plumber Product News: Dec. 19, 2016

Here are the latest product offerings for the plumbing industry.
Plumber Product News: Dec. 19, 2016
Steel Eagle undercarriage cleaners from Water Cannon are designed to simplify pressure washing vehicle undersides.

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Water Cannon undercarriage cleaner
Steel Eagle undercarriage cleaners from Water Cannon are designed to simplify pressure washing vehicle undersides. A 13-inch wheel assembly has two 0-degree nozzles and two 15-degree nozzles providing 24 inches of cleaning area. The unit handles pressures up to 4,300 psi and temperatures up to 250 degrees. The handle adjusts from 33.5 to 60 inches of reach and the unit can be used for vehicles with 14.5 inches of ground clearance. 800/333-9274;

Isuzu Class 6 medium-duty truck
The 2018 Isuzu FTR is designed for high efficiency in the medium-duty truck market. The Class 6 truck has a 25,950-pound GVWR and Dana axles with capacities of 12,000 pounds in front and 19,000 pounds in the rear. The FTR will offer wheelbase lengths from 152 to 248 inches, accommodating bodies from 14 to 30 feet long. The turbocharged Isuzu 5.2-liter engine provides 215 hp and 520 ft-lbs of torque, and the Allison six-speed automatic transmission features power take-off capability. 877/478-9828;

General Pipe Cleaners drain snake Quick Fix
Quick Fix from General Pipe Cleaners is designed to repair broken drain cleaning snakes in the field. A spring with pre-welded female connector is threaded over the broken snake after the damaged end is cut off, allowing a broken snake to be fixed with vice grips or pliers. They are available in 1/2-, 9/16-, 5/8-, and 3/4-inch sizes with female or male connectors for General Flexicore cables. 800/245-6200;

Zoeller Company’s Shark Series
The new 1 hp Model 818 and 1.5 hp Model 819 grinder pumps from Zoeller Company feature an improved dual-blade, angled cutter that shreds wastewater materials down to a 1/8-inch particle size. The cutter system delivers more torque per blade, lowering current draw during grinding cycles. Both pumps are available in either automatic or non-automatic models. 800/928-7867;

Watts Water Technologies’ press connection options
The new press connection options for select water pressure reducing valves from Watts are an alternative to sweat/solder joining in both new construction and renovation projects. The press technology joins copper tubing to brass and bronze valves more efficiently than soldering. Press connections also create a watertight seal that is strong, consistent and reliable and avoids soldering issues such as fire and smoke. 978/688-1811;

Pearpoint powered elevator
The powered elevator for the Pearpoint P350 Flexitrax crawler allows inspection of culverts and drains up to 36 inches in diameter. The motorized elevator system allows operators to deploy the crawler through smaller access points before raising it for pipe inspection. The elevator can also be lowered to maneuver around obstructions or to accommodate changing pipe diameters. Owners of the P356 crawler can purchase the elevator as an upgrade. 800/688-8094;

ADEY-MagnaClean Professional2
ADEY’s MagnaClean Professional2 captures and removes virtually all of the suspended iron oxide that collects in hydronic heating systems. Designed for 3/4-inch copper and 1-inch NPT iron pipe, the compact MagnaClean Professional2 is ideal for residential applications. It is fitted on the return pipe to the boiler/circulator via rapid-fit connectors and also captures non-magnetic debris, such as lime scale. 844/378-0442;

Uponor’s ProPEX brass transition fittings
Uponor is now offering code-listed, commercial-grade ProPEX brass transition fittings in sizes from 1/2-inch to 2 inches. Manufactured from C3600 brass, the complete offering includes 31 transition fittings that convert ProPEX connections to male and female thread, copper tubing and copper fitting sweat, and copper fitting press. 800/321-4739;

GSSI UtilityScanPro
Geophysical Survey Systems recently released the UtilityScanPro, the latest addition to the company’s UtilityScan product line. Featuring the SIR 4000 control unit, the UtilityScanPro efficiently identifies and marks the location and depth of subsurface utilities, including gas, sewer, and communication lines. It can also identify other metallic and nonmetallic targets, including underground storage tanks and PVC pipes. It integrates with GPS and has the ability to store and replay data. 800-524-3011;

BrassCraft SpeediOne water supply lines
The SpeediOne water supply product line from BrassCraft saves installation time and ensures a leak-free application. No cutting or soldering is required and it is ideal in cramped quarters. The SpeediOne is compatible with compression, CPVC, PEX, cold expansion and push-connect inlet connections and is available in angle, straight, multi-turn and quarter-turn valves. It comes in braided stainless steel, braided polymer and vinyl connectors. 248/374-3748;


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