Case Study: Point Repair Saves Time and Money

Case Study: Point Repair Saves Time and Money
The PipePatch point repair system from Source One Environmental helped Mayfield, Kentucky, successfully bridge a 4-foot section of missing vitrified clay pipe.

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In Mayfield, Kentucky, a 10-inch vitrified clay pipe was missing a 4-foot section, causing massive amounts of continuous inflow and infiltration. A small concrete bridge with an 18-inch storm drain crossing the sewer line sat above the pipe. Traditional dig-and-replace methods would have forced the city to bypass both sewer lines, completely rebuild the bridge and close down the road, with estimated costs between $25,000 and $30,000.

The city, hoping to avoid a long and expensive excavation, turned to Source One Environmental to provide a trenchless repair solution for the missing pipe. Providing an on-site consultation, the company used the PipePatch point repair system and installed two 10- by 48-inch repairs. The repairs overlapped by 1 foot, allowing the team to utilize the existing solid pipe to re-establish structural strength and prevent further damage.

The trenchless system restored all structural integrity to the damaged pipe and ensured that it would perform exceptionally for years. It created a pipe within a pipe, as the fully cured resin and fiberglass formed a structural barrier between the pipe interior and the exterior environment. The original inside diameter of the pipe was only affected by 1/8 inch.

The entire installation process took only five hours, three people and a fraction of the estimated cost, saving the city time and a significant amount of money. 877/450-3701;


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