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PLUMBING 101: All-woman plumbing company teaches female homeowners how to make repairs

TRENCH MYTHS AND DANGERS: 24-year-old describes how 3-foot, 9-inch excavation nearly took his life

There’s a common perception among plumbers that only deep trenches are dangerous. The truth is ALL trenches are potentially deadly. In February 2014, Jordan Baughn, 24, was laying storm drain in a 3-foot, 9-inch trench when a chunk of soil, about the size of a backhoe bucket, rolled on top of him. He broke his pelvic bone, ruptured his bladder and spleen, broke a rib and separated his shoulder. It was nearly a year before he could walk again. “I feel blessed to be alive,” he says. “If it was a 5-foot trench, I’d be dead today.” plumbermag.com/featured

REFLECTING ON EARTH DAY: Plumbing products manufacturer recycles 20.3 million pounds of waste each year

When you make more than a million toilets a year, you end up with a lot of leftover material. Each year Mansfield Plumbing recycles 10 million pounds of fired scrap, 10 million pounds of spent plaster molds, 330,000 pounds of cardboard and cartons, 8,900 pounds of paper, 3,000 pounds of cardboard and 6,000 wooden pallets. In many ways, every day is Earth Day at Mansfield. http://plumbermag.com/featured

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“With association memberships come conferences, sem-inars and social networking opportunities. You have the opportunity to connect with people who share your values and compare notes. You’ll forge friendships and alliances that will serve your company and provide peace of mind for years to come.”

WHY JOIN A TRADE ASSOCIATION? plumbermag.com/featured

PLUMBING 101: All-woman plumbing company teaches female homeowners how to make repairs

Sometimes you don’t need a plumber to make simple household repairs. An all-woman plumbing company in Canada is offering female homeowners courses in how to fix common plumbing issues. The first session covered how to replace a bathroom faucet and how to maintain a clear basin drain. plumbermag.com/featured


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